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Here it is! The lord of all demons, the destroyer of worlds, the Dark Titan, founder of the Burning Legion, the nightmare of all living beings ... and in the words of Chris Metzen "the big, Mega Bad guy" ...
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Sargeras (Icon)

Sargeras (Blue Border) (Icon)

The Panda
Looks good enough, nice work here.
Level 22
Jan 6, 2017
Great job.
One thing I'd consider is zooming in a bit more on the face to put it more in focal point. Currently I think you added a lot of elements which aren't so important and aren't very readable in the 56x56 size. Like there's a lot of flame on the left side which is plain and doesn't have to take so much space, and the shoulder showing on the right side isn't so important either since it's such similar color to the flames some people might even read it as a flame.
Nonetheless, it's really awesome work. 5/5