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Sange (probability is too high needs to be less than 100%)

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Level 4
May 1, 2011
Hello there. I have problems regarding with one of the abilities of Sange, which is Lesser Maim where you gets 15% chance on attack to slow the enemy's movement speed and attack speed by 20% for 4 seconds.

I believe the ability of Maim cames from the Slow Poison ability. All I need to do is just adjust their attack speed and movement speed factor to 0.2. Then as for chance, I use an orb, which I copy-paste the Orb Lightning and replace the Data - Effect Ability as that custom Slow Poison (Maim) ability, and I set all the orb's three chances to hit units to 15.00%.

However, this is not the case where everytime when I hit a unit, the enemy will just getting strike by my Slow Poison (Maim) ability as if the probability of the enemy getting the negative spell will be 100%. How to make it such that it will be a genuine 15% chance of probability?


Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
You can not reduce chance of getting poison effect since its hardcoded to add it on every attack.

Old sange with orb effect:
It's just a Slow Orb..

New Sange (doesn't have orb effect):
It's triggered. Trigger calculates if random number from 1 to 100 is <= 15 and creates a dummy which casts normal sorceress slow on target.

End of story.
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
If you based it on a default Object Editor ability, which is the Slow Orb, you probably need to "order" your unit to attack a unit first, before the orb comes into effect.
If your unit is not ordered to attack by Players, that unit can never trigger the ability.

You can test this theory by making your chance to 100%

This is how you can test it:
1. Use Slow Orb as base ability
2. Make it 100% chance to occur on hit
3. Place your characters on a map (including your Orb Holder, and your enemy, one should be enough)
4. Put them in a map, side by side (meaning, once the game starts, both units will be attacking each other (automatically upon entering their range) and observe them (do not order your Orb Holder or do anything with that unit, just leave it be)

This will make the ability won't be triggered because the ability will be triggered upon ordered attacking.
That's hard-coded engine which you cannot alter, you have to order your unit to attack before your unit can trigger this ability
If it auto-attack (acquire targets in range), without being ordered by Players, the unit won't even trigger the spell even it has 101% chance upon hit.

Now, for the New Sange, it is totally triggered just like what Spinnaker has said
It uses Damage Detection System, whereby Players do not have to order the unit to attack if he wants to maim the enemy, because it is triggered by Trigger Editor, not by Object Editor just like the Old Sange

So, I hope you understand the mechanism of Warcraft III.
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