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Runestrike, a team-based strategy game

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Level 2
Dec 8, 2008
(soon to be in beta)

Centuries ago, the kingdom of Eragard was a peaceful place to inhabit. Back then, magic and sorcery was in its youth and few knew of its potency. As the years passed, users of this magic grew in their power and began sharing their knowledge with those around them. Some time after, the Sanctum was born. Originally created under noble intentions, the Sanctum was an organization that anyone could join to learn and develop their magic abilities.

Unfortunately, with great power comes great corruption. Greed and power began to spread through the authorities of the Sanctum and they started using their magic for personal gain at the expense of others. Over decades, the Sanctum gradually utilized their abilities to control the kingdom of Eragard and to oppress its citizens. In retaliation, the Brotherhood was formed.

Composed of the yet uncorrupted leaders within the Sanctum, the Brotherhood fought back against the Sanctum and attempted to turn them from their dark ways but to no avail. The Brotherhood was driven from the kingdom and banished. In the following years, the Brotherhood recruited members from all over and trained them in magic for the purpose of overthrowing the Sanctum.

Thus began the War of the Sanctum, the era in which Runestrike takes place.

Map Genre: Altered Hero Arena
Map Creator: carbonduck
Map Version: Soon to be Beta
Map Forums: http://runestrike.freecp.net

I'll start by saying that Runestrike is not complete yet. However, it will enter Beta stage within the next week. I'm posting this thread to help gain some exposure and possibly find some beta testers for the map. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

Runestrike is a map that I've been developing since Winter 2007. Back then it had a different name and a lot of things were different. I've put a lot of effort into this map so when you give criticism, please put some thought into it. All I ask is that criticism be constructive and productive, even if it's negative! :grin:

Runestrike is a 5v5 team-based game where every player selects a hero at the start and aims to achieve his team's objectives. In its most basic form, I guess it could be considered a branch off of the Hero Arena genre even though there's a lot more depth to it than simply being a Hero Arena.

Runestrike has been completely designed from the ground up around team-based play and metagame strategy, although individual skill is important too. The game will be the most fun with a full house (10 players) but 4v4s and 3v3s and 2v2s have their place as well.

  • 5v5 team-based gameplay that revolves around teamwork, strategy and metagame. Each player chooses a hero at the start of the game and continues playing that hero until the game ends.
  • The Brotherhood vs. the Sanctum. Read the backstory for more information.
  • Round-based gameplay. The default number of rounds per game is 15 but that value can be changed by the host at game start. The default round time is 3:00 minutes but this value can be changed as well. Rarely is a round played for the full duration.
  • Multiple "maps" within the map. At the start of the game, the host will choose which "map" to play on. For clarification, a "map" is just a specific terrain arena where the players play. There are multiple terrain arenas in Runestrike.
  • The Brotherhood's goal is to take the Rune of Destruction ("bomb") and plant it at one of the Sanctum outposts ("bombsite") located in the map. There are 2 Sanctum outposts per map.
  • The Sanctum's goal is to prevent the Brotherhood from planting the Rune. If they plant, the Sanctum must defuse it before it explodes.
  • Dozens of unique heroes. As of now, there are 16 unique heroes to choose from, each with their own unique combination of skills and roles. There are more heroes planned for the near future.
  • Simple item system. In Runestrike, when you die, you drop your items. At the end of the round, all items on the ground are cleared. Because of this, every item has been designed to be influential but not game-changing. While items will be useful, farming up the "best items" (if that can even be said) will not guarantee a powerhouse.
  • Unique gold system. The gold system in Runestrike is more than just killing enemy heroes and creeps and winning their bounty. While simple, the gold system is intricate and has been designed for maximum effect on the metagame.
  • There is more but I can't explain it all in one post...

SS1: The loading screen. Nothing revolutionary. :p
SS2: Planting the Rune at an outpost.
SS3: Rune time expires and explodes.
SS4: Terrain shot of a path in the Valley map.
SS5: Terrain shot of the Forest map.

This post was probably a wall of text to most of you and you probably didn't read all of it. :xxd: However, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • If you want a more detailed introduction and overview of the map, please click here.
  • If you're interested in helping with development or following the map's progress, feel free to visit the Runestrike forums.
  • If you just want to offer your feedback in this thread, that's fine too! I am anxious to hear what you have to say.
  • PS. I'm looking for beta testers.

Thanks for reading this thread!


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Level 2
Dec 8, 2008
Thanks for the notice. I've made the screenshots into attachments now.

Is there anything wrong with the overall gameplay? Anything that seems annoying or could use some tweaking? :)
Level 2
Dec 8, 2008
I've tested the map with a couple beta testers and ironed out a lot of gameplay bugs. I'm still looking for more people to test the map so I can get suggestions for game balance and future items and heroes.
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