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[Trigger] RpG quest problem

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Level 3
Jul 26, 2011
Guys guys.
is this possible in GUI,
if player1(red) take a quest. he cant take it again?
same in other players.

any idea guys?

Level 9
Jul 10, 2011
yes it is....just make a boolean check....set a boolean when the player takes the quest....and check it in the quest trigger.
Level 4
Jul 14, 2012
Lol i love integers more than anything. I would just make an integer array called quest1 with an array of however many players there are, then set it to 1 when that player gets that quest. Then if he tries getting the quest again, it wont let him because the integer is 1, which means he already got it. Basically put your entire quest actions into a Then of If/Then/Else, where the If is
If quest1[player number of triggering player or whatever] is equal to 0, then
And then you put your quest, including to set quest1[player number of triggering player or whatever] equal to 1.
The else would be Do Nothing or display a game message that says "You cannot repeat the same quest twice" or something like that.
Level 10
May 21, 2006
I would rather always use integers for the progression of quests
For example
QInteg = 0
Give quest QInteg +1
If 1 and killed 10000 wolves
Give reward and QInteg +1
If 2 and Hero[Player] is level 10
Give next quest and so on
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