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Multiplayer quest

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Level 3
Jul 26, 2011
hi GUys.

can u help me with this. i wanted to make a multiplayer quest system.
i want to make a dialog botton
that titled Select Quest
and the choices are Kill Quest and GIve item Quest

if the player1 choose Kill quest
he cant take Give item quest until player1 wont finish Kill Quest
and when player1 finish then he can take Give item quest.
player1 choose Kill Quest,
make a leaderboard that title Killing Quest to the player1.,
and when player1 finish the quest he cant take it again

and same on other players, but i want only 3 players for this RPG.
player1RED player2BLUE and 3TEAL.

can u make me a map sample of it.
or any idea?

thanks GUys!!!!!!!!:ogre_haosis:
Not open for further replies.