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Level 17
Feb 11, 2011
Hi guys,

Would anyone be interested in helping me with an RPG map? I don't have anything specific in mind yet - you can help me with ideas.

I basically need people for:
- Hero ideas.
- Item ideas.
- Terraining.
- General gameplay ideas.


- Mr_Bean
Level 2
Sep 1, 2011
I would be interested.

I would be interested in starting a fresh map. I am highly experienced with trigger making although I am only just starting to touch on JASS. I have a high level of experience with spell making, unit making, and a decent amount of experience with creating lush environments/terrain. I am fairly new to this site as a registered member, however, I have been visiting this site as a guest for several years. :goblin_yeah:

Example: in one map I was able to create a telepathic power where using triggers, a hero could move objects around and cause them to crash into an opponent where they would then become regular doodads again or explode depending on the type of object.
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