Heroes RPG, my next project after Azeroth War

Level 4
Oct 12, 2008
hi, and now i recruiting for terrain/model/icon maker/suggester/bug finder and co-maker of this map.

The map was:[RAINBOW]Heroes RPG[/RAINBOW]:wink:

:fp:with 2 days next, i will release my first AOS map based beta, Azeroth War. After that, in 1 month i will focus on my Heroes RPG. So, if anyone interested joining my RPG, post here your example of work and what section you want to be.

Also, i have really bad grammar:grin: so, if anyone can help me on grammar thing, i would be grateful.

My last word were::spell_breaker:may the dark always be with you!:spell_breaker:
Level 4
Jun 20, 2007
hey there..

adzyboy... project manager... story/lore writer.... idea factory :)

i would love to co-create this with you if you are interested in that..

any way give me a yell.