my next project: Kael Journey

Level 4
Oct 12, 2008
first, sorry all because i cannot continue on my rpg because of my system error that make my project destroyed :cry:

but, let's forget the past and began new era of my next map!!! named [RAINBOW]Kael Journey[/RAINBOW]!:thumbs_up:

The story began after Illidan killed by Arthas, after Illidan killed, Kael abandon The Blood Elf and wander alone into unknown dungeon and forgotten village. After he lost on wilderness 10 days, he found a village named Terthand, but unknown to Kael, this village held some surprise....

first episode named Kael Journey - Terthand Village
at this time, what i need was:
Terrainer, Triggerer, Suggestor, Bug Finder and Beta Tester
Those who interested, post your example of work here and i will pm you what will i added in my project.

i will add some screenshot after the new year :wink:
Happy New Year!
Level 2
Nov 26, 2008
i could try myself as a terrainer, and help with some "ideas realization".
I'm good at "peaceful" terraining - i can make peaceful cities, tranquil life and etc.
P. S. I'm not american ;) but i can talk in english ;)