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Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by hakonwarcraft, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. hakonwarcraft


    Mar 10, 2014
    RPG-Campaign Developement

    Anteril's Destiny
    Developing by: Hakonwarcraft

    My Idea around this RPG-campaign is that it would might be nothing todo with someone named Anteril but in the beginning to make an character i was thinking of Anteril perhaps as an figure to introduse you to this gameplay.

    What I need ?
    I want map's in many creation's ...(creation's ?) to create a sutch RPG-campaign I need dungeon, undergrounds, battlefields, mountains, forests, underwater places, Wathever you could come up with.

    Trigger's: Are trigger's needed ?
    Trigger's are main for the wole RPG such as spawning creeps is usefull (Creeps!!! well they are mostly wath the game lives of since without anything to kill means no leveling or challenges.

    Dungeon: Dungeons is not needed only with bosses it could be a map were you just fight simply creeps and have some terraining people can look at.

    Map Description's: Description's is usefull to show that this map is your's and so you can get credit for it :).

    Some Pictures from my maps ( These Pictures where from maps created to improve terrain ,testing or by melee maps.




    How many maps do needed for this map?: The number of maps could be some, even the maps will not just be puted in the RPG-Campaign since it would need to be connected to the other maps. As well someone might wanna create a city

    -City: use your imagination, you can make items that is unique , mercenary and perhaps enterable houses.

    Leveling: The level's of characters is important as well that the creeps aint stronger than the character is ment to be at this map.

    I ges you have question's about this project since it might not be enought information, just ask and I will answer when I can.

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    Last edited: Jan 23, 2016