ROTG 1.70 Released! (AI Version!)

Level 9
Apr 28, 2006
Following on from 1.60's masisve revamp comes AI in the form of 1.70 get it now off the hive!

ROTG 1.70 Changelog
Artificial Intelligence has now been included allowing for solo games of ROTG!
Any combo can now be done including:
4 AI vs 4 AI
1 Human, 3 AI vs 1 Human, 3 AI
2 Humans, 2 AI vs 4 AI
You can now play with any number of computer players that will function in both duel mode and teamplay mode. (Deathmatch)
The AI will take over from any leavers and itself can be taken over by watching referees.
The ability to turn the AI on and off for your team has been included for players who prefer to control leavers
The AI will buy items including advanced decision making so item builds are more random from game to game, although each
hero has their own favourite items including upgrades so the AI develops different builds depending on which AI it is
The Ai is written to give Titan Orbs they find to the human players. (They leave it in their home base)
In combat the AI will target badly wounded enemies over healthy ones and will retreat to heal if badly injured.
In teamplay mode the AI can be "controlled" towards the ritual game by trying to seize control of it yourself.
The Ai will attempt assist friendly heroes that are engaged by enemy heroes or titans.

Some changes have been made to the game triggers including the base gates and other systems to allow the integration of
the AI. None of these should be noticeable by players.
Minor tweaks have been applied.

Many spells have been re-based, tweaked or changed to allow the AI to utilise them. Most of these changes should not be
noticeable by human players.
The AI will use about 97% of the hero powers in the game.

Hand Grenades will no longer dispel buff in the target area.
Some items abilities have been changed to work better with the AI.
Minor tweaks to some item powers have been applied.

Many miscellaneous bugs have been fixed with the internal programming, none of which is noticeable by the in-game players.