Rogue Sorceress

Where bandit warriors gather, bandit spellcasters soon join them. These rogue sorceresses dabble in forbidden magics, turning a rabble of highwaymen into a serious threat.

Felt like making something new for the Bandits, so I whipped this up over the last couple of days. Can't do much modeling at the moment, so flexing the ol' creative muscles with some texturing :D

Don't modify it without my permission, give credit if you use it and above all, enjoy!

Rogue Sorceress (Texture)

~Approved with outlandish desires~ I like it. It is very straightforward, simple and has that Legion vibe. Hmm, give me some demonic skins as well :]
Level 10
Dec 19, 2015
You could have changed the runes a little more and made the cape have some tears/rips or rather made a completely new design for it,her face sure does say Rogue for me and also says that she is mourning something. nice addition of those tattoos, (am I right?) the pants could have used more texture, her eyes stand out, and that necklace is lovely, overall I'd say it's a nice skin.