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Robby's Kingdom v1.0

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
[size+2] Robby's Kingdom [/size]

Storyline : Robby gathered his kingdom best people in order to send them hunting all kinds of things to make the kingdom flourish . This is a ORPG and we meet in it alot of interesting things and complex sand-box game wich i'm to lazy to put them in one single description !
Gameplay : Chose one class between 4 then every class has its unique specializations wich will let you use various skills and give you various + or - es . The terrain size is epic so theres plenty of space to play. Items can be combined and can be bought with GP ( the currency in the game ) !
Action : action varies alot we can take quests from peasents or from higher kingdom members such as assassin or quartersman . If we succesufully finish one guest we gather GP and they can be used for various things buying items ... buying better items ... combine them ... use GP to rank up or to buy level.
Note : We need to use GP in order to lvl up ... Just go to Robby King and he will rank you up !
Theres way lot more to say but i let you guys discover for yourself .
We can use the save xxx and load xxx command in order to retain our main character and things like this ... Note : Levels are not refunded but in exchange Robby The King refunds to you the lumber and you can go to him with the lumber and pay him level you up .

I hope you guys give feedback and come ... all kinds of suggestions and opinions are most than welcome!

Thank you !

Creator : switchtotems. Contact: [email protected]!

Credits : .... coming soon ...to many to number and therefore ... the problem

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Robby's Kingdom , kingdom , robby , robby's kingdom . orpg

Robby's Kingdom v1.0 (Map)

21:49, 8th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Rejected Credits still missing. Contact Me