Roar Ability

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
  • Roar/War Cry/ Battle Roar/ Rally/ Battle Cry ability models for different factions
  • Please give proper credits when using these model
  • Notify me for any issue with the model
  • Do not upload any part of this pack to other sites
  • Do not edit without permission

These models takes time and effort to make. And due to current state of the global economy we found ourselves in different hard circumstances. Anyhow your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. Please consider supporting me via the links below :

PayPal: PayPal.Me/bakrKev12

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Roar - Lordaeron (Model)

Roar - Scarlet (Model)

Roar - Stormwind (Model)

Roar - Stromgarde (Model)

Roar Target - Lordaeron (Model)

Roar Target - Scarlet (Model)

Roar Target - Stormwind (Model)

Roar Target - Stromgarde (Model)

Just a few issues: Please add in-game screenshots. Please hide the geoset at the end of "Death" sequence, even when the material is no longer visible. Try to reduce the number of polygons. (~300 would be ok)
Level 38
Feb 11, 2020
These are really good. Strong designs, good color, etc. My only complaint is that they might not play super-well all together (since most of them are the same color scheme).

they are not meant to be used together since I am using them in my melee maps.. but if used together the details in each models makes them easily distinguishable in game despite almost having the same color scheme.