Rise of the Space Orcs v4.21

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Centuries later on these war-torn isles, the battle of the future rages on. It's the Space Orcs against the Space Humans.

You play as the Space Orcs on Blizzard's (4)Tanaris map. It's not 3 or 4 players because I haven't done descriptions and icons for the Space Humans so I just had it as a two player co-op map against the Space Humans.

Also, there is another AI, Player 4, who is The Rebellion. Their camps are at the top and bottom of the map. They will build up their rebel forces and periodically attack someone's base. Towards the beginning of the game, make sure you are prepared for the Rebellion, since they always plan an attack pretty early on in the game.

Kofi_Banan for his Apache model, his Budynek3 (Building) model, his Outpost model, his airbase model, and his Spiker [Turret] model.
jk2pach for his Animated Marine 2.02 model.
WILL THE ALMIGHTY for his Artillery model, his Explosion BIG model, his Flamethrower model, and his Rocket model.
Illidan(Evil)X for his Construction Yard model and his LaserRed model.
DonDustin for his CyborgDwarfOpt model.
Max666 for his Firebat model.
ikillforeyou for his Goblin War Zeppelin model.
SataX for his Heliport model and his Old Factory model.
Sunchips for his HordeOnyx Hammer model.
shamanyouranus for his Installation Foundry model.
Ergius for his LaserRay model.
FlashpoinT for his Luger model.
Kitabatake for his MGSentry model.
anarchianbedlam for his Minicopter model.
Callahan for his Dude mania Scout Tower model.
Fan for his Shotgun model.
JokeMaster for his SpaceOgre Smasher model.
Kwaliti for his T51bTC model.

General Frank (Of course) for the following models:
Metal Fox
War Bear
Space Orc Commander
Space Orc Elite
Space Orc Marine
Space Orc Sniper
Space Orc Rocket Hunter
Space Orc Agent
Space Orc Field Medic
Space Orc Shock Trooper
Space Orc APSV Badger
Space Orc AT-AAV Hedgehog
Space Orc Condor Attack Helicopter
Space Orc Wolf Howitzer
Space Orc MainBattleTank Grizzly
Space Orc SuperHeavyTank Kodiak
Many of his icons for his SpaceOrc models.

Mr. Bob for the following models:

Epsilon for the following models:

The_Silent for his BTNBatteryDamage icon.
Constructive criticism is welcome just don't be mean about it. (I already know about the absence of disabled icons. I couldn't get them to work, only a few of them actually worked.) Sorry if I missed anyone on the credits. This map has a lot of imported models and icons.

Space Orcs, Altered Melee, Future, Futuristic

Rise of the Space Orcs v4.21 (Map)

22:00, 27th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected Comment
Level 10
Dec 12, 2010
There are 4 starting positions on the map and it's recommended for 2v1 and it shows theres only 2 players in the map, please fix this.

I see the 2v1, but where is there 4 starting positions?

i havnt fully played it cause it crashes every time i click the vehicle building

I have tested this map many times and I haven't had this problem, but I did recently make some changes to it. Gonna check it out.
Level 10
Dec 12, 2010
Purple up top unless it's just an excess position you've placed accidently.

Oh yeah. I forgot all about those guys. That's actually not an excess position. Those are the Rebels who are like creeps that train units that will try to attack either your base or Player 3's base.

Huh. Wow. I realized that had something messed up with the Vehicle Factory. Thanks for letting me know HD888. It has been fixed and I am uploading the map now.
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Level 10
Dec 12, 2010
Oh. I already have most of the Space Humans models replaced, except for a few Heroes, the spellcasters and the workshop units. It does look odd with some old medieval units running around in a futuristic war. So, yeah, I guess I could use some Space Human models. What did you have in mind?
Level 2
Sep 22, 2010
cool game but if we can use the humans or make another map with another race on it
cool models and cool other stuff and i havent seen any bugs yet
luv it:thumbs_up: