Rise of the Creeps 1.10

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Rise of the Creeps


Map Info:
This is an alterned melee map. You gather resources, you build up an army, level up your hero, fight the enemy and win!

The creeps have had enough, of getting their arse, handed to them, by heroes, for experience and item. They have organized, and now its their turn to fight over control of the land, and repell the humans, orcs, undeads, and night elves! Will your tribe be the strongest, and dominate all the other creeps? Will you rise to glory!?

This is the 3v3 Player version of the map, there is also a 1v1 and 2v2 version, and more comming soon!

  • 4 Brand New, Unique Races!
  • Fully Functioning AI, for all Races and Difficulty Levels!
  • 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 Versions of the Map, With More to Come Shortly!
  • Fast Paced Starcraft Like Combat, while still keeping Heroes and Creeps!

1v1 Version: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/rise-creeps-1-02-a-230493/?prev=status%3Dp%26u%3Dterren05
2v2 Version: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/rise-creeps-1-02-a-230490/?prev=status%3Dp%26u%3Dterren05
FFA Version: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/rise-creeps-1-06-a-234624/

Race Preview Videos:















Doubled the health of all units.
Reduced the Food Limit to 100, down from 200.
Changed damage and armor bonuses back to normal.

Changed levels on a few neutral units.
Added more "Legendary Items" that drop on death, and these now have orange text. Also nerfed the two excisting ones.
All gold mines now contain 5000 gold.
Fountain of Health now heal 2 hp per second, down from 10.
Added Mercenary Camps that sells, Priests, Grunts, Necromancers and Archers.
Health and Damage changes on creeps. Bigger creeps are now more dangerous.
Gnolls, Goblins and Nerubians food buildings now have larger pathing.

Food Factory: Clockwerk Spell now have a 120 second cooldown up from 10.
Cloaking Device, Ultimate for the Tinker Hero, can now turn Mechanical units invisible, units become invisible instantly, and the spell no longer have a cooldown.
All mechanical units now repair faster.

Tree Tower now have a faster attack speed.
Mystweaver: Healing Ward, now heal 2 hit points per second, instead of 2%.
Gold Cost Increaes on a few units.
Damage changes for Overseer.

Queen's Sonic Scream now deal 10 damage down from 15, and now have a 60 seconds cooldown up from 10.
Brood Mother's Regeneration ability now increase life regeneration by 50/125/200% down from 100/200/300%.
Fully grown Tentacles now have alot more health.

Tamed Turtle now take least 1 damage from ranged attacks.
Food buildings now also fire Ice Shards.
Looter no longer have the Sneak ability, but now instead have permanent invisibility.
Murloc-Priests Tornado now last's 60 seconds.
Healing now only heals 5% of the units hit points instead of 10%.

Bug Fixes
Gold Mines now contain a bit more gold.
Many units got new sounds.
Few buildings got their pathing changed.
Damage changes on alot of units.
Town Halls now build faster, and all other buildings build slower.
And More... (I can't remember everything.)

Food Factory can now summon a Clockwerk that lasts 10 seconds.
Crazy Tank 3000, now deals alot more damage.

No longer recives a damage bonus from Veteran- and Elite Training.
Tree Towers no longer require poachers in them to attack.

Few balance changes, all i can remember.

Every building now have the Ice Shards ability.
New Ultimate for Murloc-Priest - Tornado

Fixed a few Hotkey Bugs.
Some creep health changes.
Bandit Creeps no longer have Shadow Meld.
Some buildings now have larger pathing.
Some models have increased in size.

Every unit now costs more and takes longer time to repair.
Tech Unit can now attack again.

Gnoll units now correctly recives the increased damage from Veteran Training and Elite Training upgrades.
Warhawk Rider now deals alot more damage.
Health increases on a few units.

Half-Spider's sleep now lasts 10 seconds on units, while still lasting 3 seconds on Heroes.
Stinger now have a 100% life steal.
Arachnathid's damage have been reduced.

Tide Warrior's Enchant now costs 2 mana on each attack, but no longer regenerate mana, meaning they will need to be in range of rain totems to have mana regeneration.
Gift of the Elders, now also gives a 10% damage increase.
Oracles, Water Chain now deals 30 damage per target.
Increased health on a few units.

Updated AI
Unified alot of hotkeys and icon placements.
New Hotkeys for many units.
You now gather 8 gold and 15 lumber per trip.

Few Nerfs.

No Changes

New Model for Worker Unit.

No Changes

Updated AI
New Icons and Models for many units.
All creeps now have less health.
You now gather 10 gold per trip, and 20 lumber per trip.
All shops now cost 0 lumber, and are limited to 1 shop per player.
Food buildings all produce much more food now.

Minor Buffs, mainly on Trooper.
New Model for the Worker Unit.

Major Nerfs, mainly to Basher.

New unit, hatched from the Egg. Mutated Spider. A sucidal type unit, effective at dealing area of effect damage.

Updated AI
1v1 Map, Lost Crown is now a 100% drop chance from red creep camp.
Farms and Burrows are now neutral.
Few changes to hotkeys.
You now gather 5 gold and lumber on each trip.

Lots of nerfs.
You can now only have 1 Crazy Tank 3000.

Few Buffs
New Ability for Basher - Enrage, increases armor by 1000 for 5 seconds.
Earthquake Totem - GONE
Veteran Warrior - Evasion and Critical Strike GONE. Block no longer requires upgrade, and new ability - Defend, reduces damage taken from ranged attacks, but reduces movement speed and damage dealt. Requires the defensive tatics upgrade.

Eat Hero replaced with Consume. Consume instantly kills a unit, healing Devonar equal to the units current health.

Tide Warrior - Block ability, GONE. New abiliy, Enchant. Deals bonus damage at the cost of mana.

Small improvements to AI.
Icon Placement changes and fixes.
Lots of balance changes to Heros.
Name changes to many Heroes.
Seige Damage, now does reduced damage to everything else.
Hero Damage, now does increased damage to Heroes.
All Town Hall type buildings now cost 300 lumber.
All towers have been buffed.

Lots of nerfs.
Goblin Trooper is now Light Armor.
Enhanced Rifles upgrade - GONE

Lots of nerfs.
Poacher now uses the old model.
Gnolls Assassain now named Gnoll Ranger
Gnoll Ranger - Searing Arrows, replaced with Glaive. Assassinate replaced with Precision. Summon Hawk, replaced with Multi-Shot.
Catapult now have shorter range, so turrets can hit it. In return it now have more health.
Tree Tower no longer invisible.

Lots of Buffs
Forgotten One and Forgotten Knowledge - GONE!
Changes to research requirements.
Brood Mother - Regeneration is now an Aura. Enrage, replaced with Animate Dead.
Spider King - Mighty Roar, replaced with Enrage(New Spell).
Workers now require queen to be build. (WHOPS, this caused nerubians to not be able to build workers... Nobody reported the problem, so sorry for the long wait time for the fix!)
Nerubians now start with a queen. (NO LONGER TRUE, if you do so please download map again, this was way too overpowered and made nerubians able to rush like crazy.)
Crypt Spiders upgrade now increases hit point regeneration instead of damage.

Few changes to balance. Mainly buffs.
Murloc-Priest - Starfall, replaced with Far Sight.
Ancient Fountain - GONE
All researchs are now researched from Great Murloc Hut.

Updated AI to support all new units.
Few bug fixes(not many left ;D)
Tons of new Items, including epic ones that drops upon death.
Item stock, and gold changes.
Fountain of Life now regenerates 10 life per second.
Alot of units have had their price reduced.

Few changes to balance, mainly buffs.
You can now have unlimited amounts of Crazy Tank 3000.
New Upgrade - Enhanced Rifles, increases damage of Goblin Trooper.
New Ultimate for Tinker - Cloaking Device, turns targeted unit invisible, until it attacks.
New Spell for Tech-Unit - Transform, transforms the tech unit into a tank.
Sucide Squad now explodes upon death.
Repair is now activated by default on clockwerks.
New items in shop.

Few nerfs.
You can now have unlimited amounts of Earthquake Totems.
Replaced Trueshot aura on Gnaw with new spell, Assassinate.
Replaced Cold Arrows on Gnaw with new spell, Searing Arrows.
New items in shop.
New Upgrade - Wooden Construction, allows Catapult to be built, and increases the hit points of towers by 100.
NEW UNIT - Catapult, trained from Lumber Mill, requires Wooden Construction research to be build, can only attack buildings.

Lots of nerfs.
New Building - Forgotten One, required for certain upgrades, and can detect invisible units.
Many upgrades now have requirements.
Ziggurat - No longer serves as drop off point for lumber.
Boneyard - No longer serves as shop, but instead as drop off point for lumber.
New Building - Tomb of Relics, new building.
New items in shop.

Few buffs.
All upgrades is now contained in Ancient Fountain.
Anicient Fountain can no longer train units.
New Building - Murloc Temple, now trains the units trained by Ancient Fountain.
Tide Totem - GONE
Rain Totem can detect invisible units.
New Unit - Tamed Makrura, a cheap and weak swarm type unit, trained from Taming Grounds.
Healing and Splash on Wise Elders and Oracles are now on by default.
New items in shop.
New spell on Tide Warrior. - Block, reduces damage taken from ranged attack by 6.
New Upgrade - Block.

Improved AI for all the races.
Tooltip change on almost every unit.
Many bug fixes.
Armor changes on many units, and reduced the damage seige does to structure to 2x instead of 3x.

Flame Trooper - Replaced with NEW UNIT - Goblin Trooper.
Afterburner upgrade, replaced with Fragmented Bullets upgrade.
Sucide Squad no longer requires the "Explosives!" upgrade.
You can now have unlimited amounts of Tech Units, and Tech Unit can no longer attack.
Goblin Mine, now only have 1 hit point.
Lots of balance changes, mainly nerfs for goblins.

Overseer, new ability, - Magically Attuned - Reduces magic damage taken by 33%.
Lots of balance changes, mainly buffs to damage.

Half-Spider's spiderling ability is now active by default.
You can now have unlimited amount of Queens.
Lots of balance changes, mainly buffs to damage, armor and attack speed.
NEW UNIT: Haunted Gold Mine - Haunts a gold mine, giving it the ability to teleport units to it from anywhere on the map.

Few changes to balance, mainly nerfs.

A few bug fixes, all 3 of you who have download might want to download again.

[highlight]Thanks to all the people listed below for their awesome models! Without them this map woulden't be possible!

All gnoll models and icons is made by Mephestrial.

Goblins models and icons made by donut3.5, Burning_Dragoon5, Makuza, Rizz_Boomer, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, The Weird Human and General Frank.

Nerubian Models made by alfredx_sotn, jigrael, Callahan, paulH, lraccarl, MasterHaosis, acolyteofdoom. Burning Dragoon5, Sin'dorei300, Zerox and garfield.

Murloc models and icons made by willydawiller and CRAZYRUSSIAN.

rise of the creeps, rotc, murloc, nerubian, undead, human, alterned melee, goblin, gnoll, night elf, undead, bonestorm

Rise of the Creeps 1.10 (Map)

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Level 15
Jul 16, 2007
Well i just played every race except the goblins, and i must say this is unique and original. It has an interesting gameplay and i noticed that you deliver quite enjoyment with the care you took to make this map absolutely balanced.
Though, great as it is, it kinda feels too easy.. too fast.. too simple. :)
The mechanics are about the same for every race, with a few differences in food production.
I would say this is a 4/5 map, becaouse of its originality, but as far as gameplay is concerned, i didnt find it very amusing.
You should make more altered races map, i see that you have the ability to make some awesome races.
Level 15
May 6, 2007
I just found a kinda op thingie: Goblins seen to always win any battle. I dont know why, but their units I think are a bit overpowered over the other races as they seen to easily destroy any attack (player and computer alike, their AI seen to make things even worse) and the nuclear bomb can be shoot from any place to any explored place on the map, so you can just rain down apocalypse on the enemy after a while.
Level 12
Feb 20, 2013
I just found a kinda op thingie: Goblins seen to always win any battle. I dont know why, but their units I think are a bit overpowered over the other races as they seen to easily destroy any attack (player and computer alike, their AI seen to make things even worse) and the nuclear bomb can be shoot from any place to any explored place on the map, so you can just rain down apocalypse on the enemy after a while.

Send me some replays. Might just be your strategy. Also balance should be much better in 1.03.
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013

Gameplay 40% []The game is actually really fun, I find it very effective when you mass goblin units, but its not OP. Ai makes the game even better.

Terrain 25% []The terrain is a 3/5 for looks, and 4/5 for layout. Just polish the map and redo some paths and expansion base terrain.

Description 10% []Very good, details, screenshots etc included.

Structure 15% []Techtrees can be modified. No major triggers so thats fine, the game stands for what it is.

Mistakes 5% [] No bugs or glitches found, the AI could be a little dumb at times. EDIT: This map has frequent dysincs but your other maps have none

Gameplay: 32/40
Terrain: 19/25
Description: 10/10
Structure: 14/15
90/100! That would be 4 stars! 1=0-40 2=40-65 3=66-85 4=86-95 5=96-100

EDIT: This map has frequent dysincs but your other maps have none
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Level 3
Jun 23, 2013
gonna check this soon, it looks good from the video
anyway, +rep for your hard work in making an altered melee map. keep it up dude