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Rise of the Creeps 1.10

Submitted by Filmting
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game
Rise of the Creeps


Map Info:
This is an alterned melee map. You gather resources, you build up an army, level up your hero, fight the enemy and win!

The creeps have had enough, of getting their arse, handed to them, by heroes, for experience and item. They have organized, and now its their turn to fight over control of the land, and repell the humans, orcs, undeads, and night elves! Will your tribe be the strongest, and dominate all the other creeps? Will you rise to glory!?

This is the 1v1 Player version of the map, there is also a 2v2 and 3v3 version, and more comming soon!

  • 4 Brand New, Unique Races!
  • Fully Functioning AI, for all Races and Difficulty Levels!
  • 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and FFA Versions of the Map, With More to Come Shortly!
  • Fast Paced Starcraft Like Combat, while still keeping Heroes and Creeps!

2v2 Version: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/rise-creeps-1-02-a-230490/?prev=status%3Dp%26u%3Dterren05
3v3 Version: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/rise-creeps-1-02-a-230972/?prev=status%3Dp%26u%3Dterren05
FFA Version: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/rise-creeps-1-06-a-234624/

Race Preview Videos:

Race Preview Videos

Humans = Goblins

Orcs = Gnolls

Night Elf = Murlocs

Undead = Nerubian













Version 1.10
Doubled the health of all units.
Reduced the Food Limit to 100, down from 200.
Changed damage and armor bonuses back to normal.

Old Versions

Version 1.09
Changed levels on a few neutral units.
Added more "Legendary Items" that drop on death, and these now have orange text. Also nerfed the two excisting ones.
All gold mines now contain 5000 gold.
Fountain of Health now heal 2 hp per second, down from 10.
Added Mercenary Camps that sells, Priests, Grunts, Necromancers and Archers.
Health and Damage changes on creeps. Bigger creeps are now more dangerous.
Gnolls, Goblins and Nerubians food buildings now have larger pathing.

Food Factory: Clockwerk Spell now have a 120 second cooldown up from 10.
Cloaking Device, Ultimate for the Tinker Hero, can now turn Mechanical units invisible, units become invisible instantly, and the spell no longer have a cooldown.
All mechanical units now repair faster.

Tree Tower now have a faster attack speed.
Mystweaver: Healing Ward, now heal 2 hit points per second, instead of 2%.
Gold Cost Increaes on a few units.
Damage changes for Overseer.

Queen's Sonic Scream now deal 10 damage down from 15, and now have a 60 seconds cooldown up from 10.
Brood Mother's Regeneration ability now increase life regeneration by 50/125/200% down from 100/200/300%.
Fully grown Tentacles now have alot more health.

Tamed Turtle now take least 1 damage from ranged attacks.
Food buildings now also fire Ice Shards.
Looter no longer have the Sneak ability, but now instead have permanent invisibility.
Murloc-Priests Tornado now last's 60 seconds.
Healing now only heals 5% of the units hit points instead of 10%.

Version 1.08
Bug Fixes
Gold Mines now contain a bit more gold.
Many units got new sounds.
Few buildings got their pathing changed.
Damage changes on alot of units.
Town Halls now build faster, and all other buildings build slower.
And More... (I can't remember everything.)

Food Factory can now summon a Clockwerk that lasts 10 seconds.
Crazy Tank 3000, now deals alot more damage.

No longer recives a damage bonus from Veteran- and Elite Training.
Tree Towers no longer require poachers in them to attack.

Few balance changes, all i can remember.

Every building now have the Ice Shards ability.
New Ultimate for Murloc-Priest - Tornado

Version 1.07
Fixed a few Hotkey Bugs.
Some creep health changes.
Bandit Creeps no longer have Shadow Meld.
Some buildings now have larger pathing.
Some models have increased in size.

Every unit now costs more and takes longer time to repair.
Tech Unit can now attack again.

Gnoll units now correctly recives the increased damage from Veteran Training and Elite Training upgrades.
Warhawk Rider now deals alot more damage.
Health increases on a few units.

Half-Spider's sleep now lasts 10 seconds on units, while still lasting 3 seconds on Heroes.
Stinger now have a 100% life steal.
Arachnathid's damage have been reduced.

Tide Warrior's Enchant now costs 2 mana on each attack, but no longer regenerate mana, meaning they will need to be in range of rain totems to have mana regeneration.
Gift of the Elders, now also gives a 10% damage increase.
Oracles, Water Chain now deals 30 damage per target.
Increased health on a few units.

Version 1.06
Updated AI
Unified alot of hotkeys and icon placements.
New Hotkeys for many units.
You now gather 8 gold and 15 lumber per trip.

Few Nerfs.

No Changes

New Model for Worker Unit.

No Changes

Version 1.05
Updated AI
New Icons and Models for many units.
All creeps now have less health.
You now gather 10 gold per trip, and 20 lumber per trip.
All shops now cost 0 lumber, and are limited to 1 shop per player.
Food buildings all produce much more food now.

Minor Buffs, mainly on Trooper.
New Model for the Worker Unit.

Major Nerfs, mainly to Basher.

New unit, hatched from the Egg. Mutated Spider. A sucidal type unit, effective at dealing area of effect damage.

Version 1.04
Updated AI
1v1 Map, Lost Crown is now a 100% drop chance from red creep camp.
Farms and Burrows are now neutral.
Few changes to hotkeys.
You now gather 5 gold and lumber on each trip.

Lots of nerfs.
You can now only have 1 Crazy Tank 3000.

Few Buffs
New Ability for Basher - Enrage, increases armor by 1000 for 5 seconds.
Earthquake Totem - GONE
Veteran Warrior - Evasion and Critical Strike GONE. Block no longer requires upgrade, and new ability - Defend, reduces damage taken from ranged attacks, but reduces movement speed and damage dealt. Requires the defensive tatics upgrade.

Eat Hero replaced with Consume. Consume instantly kills a unit, healing Devonar equal to the units current health.

Tide Warrior - Block ability, GONE. New abiliy, Enchant. Deals bonus damage at the cost of mana.

Version 1.03
Small improvements to AI.
Icon Placement changes and fixes.
Lots of balance changes to Heros.
Name changes to many Heroes.
Seige Damage, now does reduced damage to everything else.
Hero Damage, now does increased damage to Heroes.
All Town Hall type buildings now cost 300 lumber.
All towers have been buffed.

Lots of nerfs.
Goblin Trooper is now Light Armor.
Enhanced Rifles upgrade - GONE

Lots of nerfs.
Poacher now uses the old model.
Gnolls Assassain now named Gnoll Ranger
Gnoll Ranger - Searing Arrows, replaced with Glaive. Assassinate replaced with Precision. Summon Hawk, replaced with Multi-Shot.
Catapult now have shorter range, so turrets can hit it. In return it now have more health.
Tree Tower no longer invisible.

Lots of Buffs
Forgotten One and Forgotten Knowledge - GONE!
Changes to research requirements.
Brood Mother - Regeneration is now an Aura. Enrage, replaced with Animate Dead.
Spider King - Mighty Roar, replaced with Enrage(New Spell).
Workers now require queen to be build. (WHOPS, this caused nerubians to not be able to build workers... Nobody reported the problem, so sorry for the long wait time for the fix!)
Nerubians now start with a queen. (NO LONGER TRUE, if you do so please download map again, this was way too overpowered and made nerubians able to rush like crazy.)
Crypt Spiders upgrade now increases hit point regeneration instead of damage.

Few changes to balance. Mainly buffs.
Murloc-Priest - Starfall, replaced with Far Sight.
Ancient Fountain - GONE
All researchs are now researched from Great Murloc Hut.

Version 1.02
Updated AI to support all new units.
Few bug fixes(not many left ;D)
Tons of new Items, including epic ones that drops upon death.
Item stock, and gold changes.
Fountain of Life now regenerates 10 life per second.
Alot of units have had their price reduced.

Few changes to balance, mainly buffs.
You can now have unlimited amounts of Crazy Tank 3000.
New Upgrade - Enhanced Rifles, increases damage of Goblin Trooper.
New Ultimate for Tinker - Cloaking Device, turns targeted unit invisible, until it attacks.
New Spell for Tech-Unit - Transform, transforms the tech unit into a tank.
Sucide Squad now explodes upon death.
Repair is now activated by default on clockwerks.
New items in shop.

Few nerfs.
You can now have unlimited amounts of Earthquake Totems.
Replaced Trueshot aura on Gnaw with new spell, Assassinate.
Replaced Cold Arrows on Gnaw with new spell, Searing Arrows.
New items in shop.
New Upgrade - Wooden Construction, allows Catapult to be built, and increases the hit points of towers by 100.
NEW UNIT - Catapult, trained from Lumber Mill, requires Wooden Construction research to be build, can only attack buildings.

Lots of nerfs.
New Building - Forgotten One, required for certain upgrades, and can detect invisible units.
Many upgrades now have requirements.
Ziggurat - No longer serves as drop off point for lumber.
Boneyard - No longer serves as shop, but instead as drop off point for lumber.
New Building - Tomb of Relics, new building.
New items in shop.

Few buffs.
All upgrades is now contained in Ancient Fountain.
Anicient Fountain can no longer train units.
New Building - Murloc Temple, now trains the units trained by Ancient Fountain.
Tide Totem - GONE
Rain Totem can detect invisible units.
New Unit - Tamed Makrura, a cheap and weak swarm type unit, trained from Taming Grounds.
Healing and Splash on Wise Elders and Oracles are now on by default.
New items in shop.
New spell on Tide Warrior. - Block, reduces damage taken from ranged attack by 6.
New Upgrade - Block.

Version 1.01
Improved AI for all the races.
Tooltip change on almost every unit.
Many bug fixes.
Armor changes on many units, and reduced the damage seige does to structure to 2x instead of 3x.

Flame Trooper - Replaced with NEW UNIT - Goblin Trooper.
Afterburner upgrade, replaced with Fragmented Bullets upgrade.
Sucide Squad no longer requires the "Explosives!" upgrade.
You can now have unlimited amounts of Tech Units, and Tech Unit can no longer attack.
Goblin Mine, now only have 1 hit point.
Lots of balance changes, mainly nerfs for goblins.

Overseer, new ability, - Magically Attuned - Reduces magic damage taken by 33%.
Lots of balance changes, mainly buffs to damage.

Half-Spider's spiderling ability is now active by default.
You can now have unlimited amount of Queens.
Lots of balance changes, mainly buffs to damage, armor and attack speed.
NEW UNIT: Haunted Gold Mine - Haunts a gold mine, giving it the ability to teleport units to it from anywhere on the map.

Few changes to balance, mainly nerfs.

Release Version 1.0
A few bug fixes, all 3 of you who have download might want to download again.

[highlight]Thanks to all the people listed below for their awesome models! Without them this map woulden't be possible!

All gnoll models and icons is made by Mephestrial.

Goblins models and icons made by donut3.5, Burning_Dragoon5, Makuza, Rizz_Boomer, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, The Weird Human and General Frank.

Nerubian Models made by alfredx_sotn, jigrael, Callahan, paulH, lraccarl, MasterHaosis, acolyteofdoom. Burning Dragoon5, Sin'dorei300, Zerox and garfield.

Murloc models and icons made by willydawiller and CRAZYRUSSIAN.

rise of the creeps, rotc, melee, new races, gnoll, murloc, nerubian, goblin, bonestorm

Rise of the Creeps 1.10 (Map)

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  1. » Vengeancekael:[c] Profile :: Message :: Hive Staff
    » Date:[c] 16/Mar/2013 20:49:04
    » Reasons:

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  2. AwzomeWulfzz


    Sep 8, 2011
    Oh crap, this looks awesome! Murlocs?!
  3. [K40$]-Spectre


    Aug 19, 2007
    This looks fun :), downloading it now.
  4. -SmaSHeR-


    Dec 28, 2012
    Good Map :)
  5. Eagle_11


    Mar 19, 2010
    Here is some feedback:
    The gameplay is so ssssslllllooooowwwww. Thats because you wait forever for the resource gathering,speed it up.

    Goblins are easily overpowering. Gnolls can win only via zerging. Nerubian bases are extremely vulnerable. Sadly Murlocs are only different color skins/tints of same models.
  6. Filmting


    Feb 20, 2013
    The gold harvesting is meant to be slow, since expanding is fast and easy. I useally have problems spending all my resources. Try getting lots of expansions asap in the early game. I useally have about 10-15 workers on lumber. As for the balance, feel free to send me some replays, since it is most likely your strategy. Though i will admit goblins might need a slight nerf.
  7. Doomfan64


    Apr 7, 2012
    Horrible. Races are completely unbalanced, and why do you only gain like 3 food from one building? Also, goblins seem unfinished. Suicide units are not an acceptable replacement for melee units.
  8. Filmting


    Feb 20, 2013
    Would apreciate you be a little more nerutral if you gonna critque. Balace is always a concern, and with basically only me playing the map it is hard to get just right. But i disagree with completely unbalanced, all races are very close to equal from my experience, it is most likely your skills and strategy. The low food from buildings is meant so that you would build alot of them. Bigger base, more stuff for enemy to harrash or kill, can build walls, etc. If you do wanna try to help me with balance i would recommend you send me some replays to Dani@tjekmig.dk.
    Also have an idea of making a guide video to the map, explaining diffrent thoughts behind why i did what, and what you are meant to do.
    As for the Goblins, i tried to make every race diffrent, melee units diden't fit the Goblin race, thats why they don't have any. I've done alot of diffrent stuff to make it diffrent from normal WC3, such as no tiers on main building, all researchs in 1 place, 1 hero limit, all units low hp so faster combat and etc.
  9. Doomfan64


    Apr 7, 2012
    Okay, I will be a little more specific with my critique.
    First of all, you shouldn't be trying to make the fights go by faster. It just seems dumb to have both teams build up such large armies (Which seems to be what you're going for, since you said you want the bases to be bigger) only to have one player win the fight in like 30 seconds. And if you want the goblin race to be unique, I would recommend a better replacement than suicide units. Finally, I'm not sure exactly why the races don't have upgradable HQs. I will give you praise for adding (almost) functioning AI, though.

    I'll send you a few replays of this map, specifically of Goblin V.S the other races.

    P.S: I noticed that you were able to change the name of the races in the lobby to reflect what the creep-based replacement races were. But it still names them after the races they replace half the time. I don't know why but it seems like after you quit a game they start working.
  10. Filmting


    Feb 20, 2013
    Because you need to load the map to be able to see the names. Your replay files are from a diffrent version of warcraft, could can't see them with 1.26. Apreciate the critque you send in email as well as this.
  11. InfernalTater


    Jul 12, 2008
    These are really cool, but the terrain could definitely stand to be better. Want me to start making melee terrains for your map?
  12. Doomfan64


    Apr 7, 2012
    Okay, I will remake them. Didn't know you couldn't view replays from previous versions, sorry about that.
  13. Filmting


    Feb 20, 2013
    Watched the replay Goblin vs Gnoll. First of all i would like to say, despite your claims the AI does infact not cheat beyond vision of the entire map, as a standard for all AIs. Easy AI, gains less resources, and Insane AI, gets unlimited resources. If you play with normal the AI does not cheat.

    Lets start with some strategy of your race to begin with.
    Goblins are weak. The race is focused on tatical gameplay, defense & harrashment. As goblins you should get up your defenses in the early-mid game, with Land Mines and or towers, meanwhile you harrash with zepplins or drillers filled with suicide squads. Workers are weak and die fast to this. When try to keep your defense off, meanwhile weaking your enemy, until you have a strong army composing mainly off, Clockwerks, Assult Robots and Walkers. There may be undiscorved strategys yet to be found, but this is what i try to do as goblins.

    Now lets get to the game. In the game i see you start off with sending all your 5 workers at gold mine, while waiting for new ones to be build. This is a bad idea, since lumber in the early game is a much needed resource for teching up as quickly as possible, and gold is not. There are so many small details in your build order that have slowed you down so much.
    Here i will give you the basics of a good starting build order. Please note this is just a rough and not precise build order.

    Also use rally points.
    5/8 Food - Build a Research Center near some trees, build a Food Factory, and an Altar, and start to build some Workers. You will have 2 workers in your gold mine, this is fine in the beginning. - A tip, use shift click and right click your gold mine with building workers. They will then return to gold mine when they are done building. All workers you build here will run to wood.
    10/12 Food - Build some more Food Factorys, and keep this up until you have a good amount of workers on wood. Somewhere around here also build a Training Ground.
    24/24 Food(Roughly) - Here you should have about 3 Troopers and a Hero. Go for the creep camp at the Gold Mine, next to your base. The one with the Murloc Entrance. After you cleared out the creeps, Expand. You can almost always afford to expand this early, since creeps on the map will be denying rush from your enemy until it's night.

    Now from here on, try to get into a mech army, some harrashment and defense. A fault i found in your play is you relied heavily on Troopers, with no upgrades even. Trooper is a basic early game unit, which can be useful mid to late game against mass weak units like, Spiderlings, Swarmers, Tamed Boars, Insects etc. if it have the aoe upgrade.

    I will just point out from my notes a few mistakes you made to finish this initial impression off with.

    1:30, you got your first Research Lab. This is way too late, and you need to be upgrading early. Also don't be afraid to get more of these to upgrade faster in the mid game.
    9:30, a bad fight for you. You army only composed of troopers, which as said, is a weak unit, effective against swarm units, but not the strong army of gnolls. You should generally go for a mech army as said before.
    15:00, his army was twice your size in food count, and your army again excisted of Troopers and Clockwerks. Clockwerks are weak on their own, as is meant as a support unit to go along with your mech army to repair them. Their the Goblins healing unit and is weak on its own, but strong with a mech army.
    17:00, you dont expand enough. At this point your enemy is getting his fourth, and you are still sitting on 2 bases, and if i'm not mistaken your main is mined out. Don't be afraid to expand wheneever you have the lumber. You will have a surge of it in the mid to late game. Use it on towers and expansions.
    When you finally get your mech army in the end, you dont have any clockwerks, and is lacking upgrades, against your enemies fully upgraded and powerful army.
    No Tech-Units. Tech-Units are awesome. They cannot fight, but they are still great with Land Mines, to gain map control and weaken your enemy before fighting them, Seeker Missiles to focus Heroes or high priority units with, and EMPs for awesome AoE control. Late game they can even go into a fighting mode if needed.

    I will look at the other replays and reply to your email regarding all your listed matters soon.

    Edit: Also Sucide Squads in zepplins to drop on the enemy caster/ranged line can be highly effective.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2013
  14. Filmting


    Feb 20, 2013
    No, i like to do my own terrain. I have a style i like to keep through out all my maps, and though it might not be totally pretty, its unique and gets the job done.
  15. Doomfan64


    Apr 7, 2012
    Okay, I'm willing to accept that goblins are a somewhat difficult race to play in comparison to the others. But some of my arguments still stand, like the nerubian unit's sleep power.

    Also, I never said that troopers were a weak unit. I said that having an army composed mainly of ranged units (Which is pretty much your only option. After all, the only non hero melee units are the clockwerks) is a bad idea since all your ranged units will be struggling to get around one another, thus leaving them vulnerable. Even if you move them all in very close so the back units can get in range, they're still vulnerable while moving up.

    Also on that note, I noticed they still seemed to cheat besides the map view because it seemed they were able to control up to 20 or so units in one group while a player can only control one. This is infuriating and ended up being one of the things that made me deliver my original statement.

    P.S: Do the creep-controlled barracks actually make units?
  16. GnomeDefender


    Apr 16, 2013
    There's a glitch with the goblin troopers and how they decay. When the camera leaves the sight of the trooper, their corpses turn into a different model.

    Looking forward to your future progress; however, it's obvious this map isn't finished yet. :)
  17. Legal_Ease


    Feb 8, 2013
    Terrain 5/5
    Races 1/5
    units 2/5
    Spells 1/5
    Concept 5/5
    triggers 3/5
    Presentation here at the Hive 6/5

    There is a lot wrong with this map. I map the same concept map a few months ago. I know that there are Icons out there for the Gnoll pack. They come with the Gnoll pack. This map is barely playable and looks pretty bad in game. Gnoll pack is incomplete, why? Its here and its awesome. Some things are really cool. I like the Mount ability for the gnoll hero. Goblins don't look good in this map. They only use a few goblin building the rest are draenei. Does that make sense? It is possible to create 5 complete races with matching Icons and units with build animations. See [URL="http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/kalimdor-islands-233684/?prev=status%3Da%26u%3DLegal_Ease" Kalimdor Islands][/URL]. Don't give up. You show a lot of promise but poor execution. You made a lot of cool spells. They are interesting but maybe too complex for a map which people will only play once if it doesn't rock. Your video is stellar!!! Not so much with the map. Don't be discouraged, these are just the things that you need to do to make fun playable maps. Mine aren't perfect either. Icons should be arranged like standard blizzard games with Hall in the top left corner and farm under that and alter in the x:1 y:1 position. Your terrain is pretty sweet, but I couldn't figure out the deal with the disappearing creeps and the OP gates. Why did you change HP levels too? Hero with 290 HP is just confusing. Anyway, it took a lot of work and you've taken a lot of crap from everyone so +2 rep.
  18. Wa666r


    Feb 19, 2011
    My review on this map:

    Terrian: 3/5
    Heroes: 2/5
    Races: 1/5
    Spells 2/5
    Balance 2/5
    Polish 2/5
    Lore 1/5

    Overall this map was not the greatest. But it shows a lot of potential. Just take the time to polish your races, and make sure that the most important parts are in the manner you want them. (I found that the Ziggurat can only be build on unblighted land?) I believe you should keep trying and improving, eventually your maps will become superb and your ideas will flourish through the gameplay. :goblin_good_job:

    +1 Rep
  19. Doomfan64


    Apr 7, 2012
    Well, I am glad you took into heart some of my suggestions for the latest version.