Reziel's Bleach RPG/ORPG -Recruitment-

Level 2
Aug 12, 2010
First off let me state, I know how difficult this project will be to any who attempt to become part of this vision. Second, I am NOT a map maker, I am just someone who is willing to give inspiration and direction to any who think they can make this a reality.

This project will be,as stated in the thread title, a Bleach RPG/ORPG.

But sense ive been told how extreamly difficult this is, I would like to start out with just the ORPG half, and continue to project forward with things such as quest and progressions later on.

I already have a map predrawn and planned on Adobe Photoshop, request it to further review it.

The map will consist of Ichigo's home town, The hollows home dimension, and The home of the death gods themselves.

So from what i've been gathering. This project will require..

-A faily skilled Terrainer.
-A Expert in triggers.
-A coder, for save/loads

And that is just the basics. I under stand that this kind of idea comes up all the time, and that it will be a mountain to climb. But honestly, if this map is made, it would be one of the most played on WC. Point blank.

Please contact me to hear my full spread of ideas if your interested.