Memoria ORPG recruiting

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Dec 8, 2009
ok ppl sry for posting this so long i should hav posted this mgs 3 days ago but due to some msg problems.... the admins couldnt send activation to my email... and it is settled.
alright, now to business. i am making an ORPG called Memoria orpg, it is when dark combines with the light forces to fight off (an enemy i havent thought of).

i can take basic triggers and i had done
Hero selection
Creep respawn system
Save/load system

i think my terraining sux so i definitely need a terrainer. since its based on dark/light i need spells.

okok here are posts needed:
terrainer(1 more slot)
Spell maker(2 more)
another member who is good at GUI/JASS
modeller and icon maker ( best if its 1 member who can do this)
not to say, some1 who can help me make good, classy bossfights will be good.

as for the storyline, i will think of it and i will post it on this site. any ideas will be helpful.

thx ppl and for those who applied to help me i will send u the map and details of my ideas.

i will try to make this orpg a success =)

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Jul 28, 2009
I will gladly take on the other position of a terrainer, I have nothing better to do.. :p

Oh, and I may be able to make a few icons, I'm still a bit rough with the whole .tga and .blp converting and all, but I should be able to pull it off, and I do have experience in making custom loading screens. Reply if your interested.