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Revolution: Zombies!!

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Jul 28, 2011
Hey Hive, R:Z!! Is in an early(ish?) stage at the moment. I've spent a great deal of time smoothing everything out and I'm finally to the point where I can release a beta(ish?) version of it. I'm currently working to balance the game's mechanics further (unit strengths, income rates, etc...) but I can only experience so much of my own map through the Tester, particularly considering it's a 12-player game.

The basics of the map are simple. There are 10 survivor players and 2 zombie forces. Zombies are fighting to wipe the map of the humans, while the humans are attempting to push the zombie forces back into their cavern and kill their primary lair, similar to World War: Zombies. When a survivor's unit is killed, the unit will rise up instantly as a zombie, giving the Zombie players a mechanic that allows them to overwhelm Survivors and giving the Survivors an incentive to use their barricade structures effectively.

The map runs with a 24-hour clock system. During the minutes of Night, zombie units move exponentially faster while survivors lose a good deal of sight range. An in-game clock is provided as well as environment changes (Night and day lighting, night/day ambiance changes) to make the time changes feel more natural to the players.

What I'm Paying For:

1. I need a Galaxy Editor that's experienced with dialog creation. (I'm not happy with the current setup where the Survivor and Zombie teams are chosen in the lobby, I need a dialog setup where players can vouch for what side they'd like to be on.)

2. I also need an Editor who has experience with custom heroes (I understand veterancy but insofar as creating abilities... I don't have enough Advil in my house.)

3. Lastly, I need an Artist who can make something awesome for my Loading Screen.

All services are being paid for in USD.

As stated above: This map still has a number of small tweaks that need to be made. I need feedback from the players. If there is -anything- that you feel should be changed about the map, balance changes, thoughts, opinions, suggestions, ideas for future implements, you're a Galaxy Editor or Artist as mentioned before, constructive criticism, regular criticism, sexual emails or death threats, please email me at ([email protected]), contact me in-game (Username Shade, Player Number or whatever it's called is 933) or post here on this thread. I'm happy to add the name of contributors of any helpful tips to the Credits in-game.

The game is Published and Live. Please test it out and tell me what you think =)
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