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Resident Evil Extinction

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Level 3
Dec 9, 2007
Hello and by this time you probly know i am making a map called "resident evil extinction" after the movie in this dawn of the dead like map you run around on what used to be city and forest and survive for as long as you can as waves try to shake you off.
The Classes im puting in the map are
-Medic (need model not orc one please)
-Firebat (need model)

When you start you will be given one random hero. i have did this to make its more realistic also i am making them even in all ways sniper is the only one that isnt balanced for his sniper rifle.

Those few classes will be in the game

As for monsters and waves thay will be covered by not just the ones in the movie also ones from other res evil games and made up ones.

Very inportan in a game like this so ive thought them out
-Bio sample (mana is bio meter if it gose to 0 you die from t virus)
-Healing herb (+40 hit points)
-Red herb (+40 bio points)
-Heath Drink (+70 hit points)
-Heath spray (+190 hit points)
-Anti Bio (+20 bio points)
-Swish army knife (+10 damage)
-Anti bio stronger (+60 bio)
-blue herb (-10 bio +80 hit points)
-(Reward item)
-(Reward item)
-(Reward item)
-Marine armor (+5 armor)
-Rockit Luncher (200 damage per shot 1 use)
-(Reward item)
-Mining box (When used gives you one random item) NOTE: THIS ITEM IS VERY RARE

There are a few more items. Reward items are ungetable items that can be obtanted only after you use the code you get when you beat the game.

That is about all i hope you liked please reply back :infl_thumbs_up: on what you think

I think ill have it done by at least a month. very hard to figger out some stuff like ammo i havent fount out how to use it yet.
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Level 13
May 24, 2005
Horror survival maps are always a cool thing, if done right.

The last survival map that really impressed me was this one:

You may check it out, it's always a good idea to get some inspiration. I think this map is a good example for great usage of custom gfx and has a quite interesting weapon system.

Now looking forward some first screenshots of your project!
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