Requesting Models & Model Links (Farmvill)

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Deleted member 177737

Hey, I'm going to attempt to make Farmvill (from facebook) into a multiplayer/single player Wc3 game.

I'll need any model/skin that is used in Farmvill, I've only played it once so the List of needed objects won't be available for awhile. As far as I know I need models for things like corn, cheery bushes, rice paddy's, farm houses, animals, etc...

I am searching through the Hive & Wc3campaigns by myself but I just thought posting would help me find the models quicker.

Models needed:

Shovel/spade attachment's.
Farm animal models, already have cow, pig, chicken, dog.
Farm buildings.
Anything else that would be on a farm.

~I'm making a lot of the models myself to =)
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