Model animations request. (Fish, dig, shoot, kick)

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Jan 27, 2007
Hello to everyone.
Well, the title says it all. What I need are these models I attached 4 new animations:
Fish: the animation when it casts the pole into the water.
Dig: a simple animation for digging with a spade.
Shoot: a gunsling shot, kind of the old far west style (think it's for a pirate, and it doesn't need the gun model, just the anim)
Kick: just a kick, nothing special.

It will be used for my map "Pirates of the Sea"

If I'm not wrong, Frankster made these models as a request for me. So no authors/editing problem :p

Remember, ANY of these animations will do, you don't have to make them all ^^ or it can even be made with someone else :D
Thanks in advance! (as always, +rep and credits for help!)


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Sep 25, 2004
I've made some progress, see if you like the result.

-Shooting and fishing animations are basically done except for the hands movement, I'm going to need the attachment models to finalise that.

-I'm not sure how the dig animation is supposed to look. Could you describe it in detail?

-I played your map only after making the kick animation, and then realised it was the wrong kind of kick. So instead of modifying it I just made another (spell 2). I guess you can still use the old one for a different ability or cutscenes (kicking down a door or something).


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Level 14
Jan 27, 2007
WOW! Thanks Nasrudin!!!!!!!! million of thanks!!!

the fishing pole is this one:

and the gun is this one:

the dig animation should be for something like a treasure hunting dig. Using this shovel:

Nothing too elaborated really, just like carving the soil, taking dirt and throwing it somewhere.

Mind that the fishing pole and the shovel are items that are equipped and required for doing such tasks (by equipping any of those the special effect is created, so mind that when the anim will be played the unit will have the shovel/fishing pole) and for the gun, well, he will just draw it and it will be triggered :D

Thanks again Nasrudin! This is really helpful ^^
btw; I'll test the kick as soon as I can :D