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Animation request

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Level 15
Jan 27, 2007
Hey everyone!

What I am requesting is actually a re-request from this post, somehow closed (that's why i'm re-requesting): post

Nasrudin made some "kick" and "gunsling" awesome animations for the bandit, so for those I would need them to be transfered to the bucaneer model (which is a bandit without weapons). You can find all the models in that post.

For the dig, fish and all the 4 (dig, fish, kick and gunsling) animations for the captain.

As said in the other posts, I don't need them all at once, just any will do and i'll really appreaciate it!

thanks in advance.
it will be used in this map http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/map-development-202/pirates-sea-222924
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