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Requesting hide,lether,other models

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Level 7
May 18, 2010
I know they exist but ones i found i delete INSTA so ugly eaven thought about 100kb

Basicly those are items for Crafting
Requesting: Sheep wool model
Wolf hide or lether model
Pig skin? or lether model
kobolt skin or lether model
Bear skin or Lether model http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/bearrug_ddk-176988/
and one that would fit to big animals EX Peace of lether skin(from big foot)

pouch with gold inside (when u kill human to drop gold)
Rep+ Ingame thanks+link

EDIT: Btw try to keap it low size so i can import mode Dodons so i can make map cool Sparkling Good

BTW gona use these resoucres to make a (ALL you need for RPG models)

claptomanic = Pouch gold
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Level 7
May 18, 2010
Can someone (check the image)
simple stuff>>>
i want model of just the Table(remove the items on it)

then model of the !Rope! on the table !delete evrything but rope!

the model of MAP (or whatever is it back there ) the paper looking thing

just the spike (the wood thing) userfull for trap
remove the painting(the paper)
EDIT:3i proly need to start dling programs and learn to model ^^
just empty stand remove the sword armors
EDIT:4 this one is a bit ...
id like the Cascet of (carrot/tobaco/tomato/ and the pink stuff)each as 1 model PLS
the blue thing on top of it !can u make it to be like wood! it looks like pond....
EDIT:6 http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/orc-signpost-150329/?prev=r=20&page=55
If u can remove bone(il use it for Bows crafting material) make it - not /\/\/ as it is cuz its gona be for bow^^)
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