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REQUEST: Starcraft Units not on Wc3sear.ch

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Level 3
Aug 22, 2004
Just as the title implies a few of my friends and I are working on a high quality starcraft map to release to you guys but we need the units not already for download on war3sear.ch. This includes things such as: most zerg buildings, spore colony, creep colony, valkerie, battlecruiser, dropship, science vessel, scourge, queen, devourer, science facility, starport (ideally a model for both with a normal one and then one with its ad-on), the flagship beacon, observatory, aribter tribunal, dragoon, Infested Terran (based off marine model to save time???), infested command center, and so on.
We need all models to be colored and have skins of them please, we can't use any "blank" models.
The buildings might be easiest since they are just a lot of straight lines, I would do it myself but no modeling program.
I realize this is a LOT to ask of the modelers out there but I assure this is a worthwhile effort as we are putting every detail into the maps, right down to the creep. Needless to say you will be given much credit and our eternal thanks. You could also release it to the community and I am sure they would be very thankful as well. Thank you for your time.
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