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[Request] Spell: Cleave

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Level 2
Sep 16, 2007
Hey guys.

I have a spell request for you. I hope somebody can help me.

I've tried it already by myself, but I'm a noob in making spells and it didn't work very well (leaks, bugs etc.).
So, you are my last chance to finish this spell.

Here are some details:

Spell name: CLEAVE

1. The spell itself:

It's a quite long and complex spell, so I will explain it step by step. The spell is made for the Demon Hunter and should be optimized only for this model.
The spell has different effects at day and night.

Cleave at day time:
When clicking on the button the Demon Hunter simply does his spell animation and the special effect "Abilities\Spells\NightElf\Starfall\StarfallTarget.mdl" appears on him at the same time (a star is falling down on him while playing the spell animation).
Then, the hero is charging his energy before executing the big attack. This will last 3 seconds (= the hero is paused for 3 seconds while playing his "stand 4" animation, the player can't do anything with him during the charge).
After the 3 seconds charging time the hero is unpaused and doing his "attack 2" animation (he is doing a 360° turn and hitting everything in a specific area around him). He hits every enemy unit in a 300 area around him with x damage. The special effect "Objects\Spawnmodels\Critters\Albatross\CritterBloodAlbatross.mdl" is showing on every unit which has been hit by the spell (attached to the chest).

Cleave at night time:
Here are a few changes to the day spell. Instead of the falling star animation the "Abilities\Spells\NightElf\Starfall\StarfallCaster.mdl" is used. Then, instead of a 300 area, he will hit every enemy unit in a 400 area. And the third and largest difference:
The hero will taunt every unit, who has been hit by the spell (= Every unit in a 400 area will attack the Demon Hunter after gaining the damage). This will last 10 seconds. Everything else is the same as casting the spell by day.

2. Level and damage information:

The spell has 3 levels.

Level 1 - 300 damage at night and 200 damage at day.
Level 2 - 500 damage at night and 400 damage at day.
Level 3 - 700 damage at night and 500 damage at day.

3. Icon and tooltip:

Please use this icon for the spell:

The standard critical strike icon.

The hero is saving a lot of energy from the moon to perform one powerful strike, which damages every enemy unit in an area around him. At night it will be more powerful and additionally taunt every unit for 10 seconds.

... or something like that...

I hope you understand what I am trying to say, because I lack english skills :/

so PLEASE help me, I am really in need of this spell, because it will be the ultimate of the main character in my map. You will get credits of course and so on..

If you have any questions, just ask them to me. I don't have to go to work this weekend and I'm home nearly the whole time.

Thanks in advance,

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