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[request]request image and icon for my new hero and skills

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Level 1
Mar 14, 2008
the hero description like below:-
Name:Cepheus-The Forlorn Knight

Hero description:
-An old fighter that being leaves on the battle field alone
-Using a black crystal spear to fight
-Riding a white horse
-Wearing broken armor and helmet
-His spear become blue colour with blue flame after getting aghanims scepter(little like chaos knight weapon)

1st skill-[Immortal Spear]
Cepheus throw his another spear that made of black crystal to an enemy deal damage and slow down the targeted unit movement.Last for 7 seconds.

2nd skill-[Gigantic Spear]
Cepheus power up his spear to deal more damage to enemy,and splash 10% damage to non-allied units in 250 AoE.Last for 15 seconds

3rd skill-[Heart Attack]
Cepheus aim the targeted units’ heart with every attack and deal critical damage,but not every attack will hit the the target.

4th skill-[Forlorn Area]
Cepheus blink strikes beside targeted hero and swing his spear around the hero,deal damage to all non-allied units in the area and knockback them from the area,include allied units.
Not open for further replies.