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Level 8
Mar 5, 2011
I can't think of a better description for this hero
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Proper Name: Skar
Name: Troll Berserker
Model used: Troll Berserker
Attack type: Ranged (400 to be exact)
Abilities: Troll Regeneration, Burning Spear, Berserker's Blood, Life Break.

Troll Regeneration-For Healing himself and allied units
Burning Spear- Uses his own life force to set them aflame dealing more damage
Berserker's Blood- Skar feels each of his wounds and channels the pain, increasing attack speed and damage
Life Break- The Troll Berserker reaches into the well of his own life force to heavily damage an enemy. The target takes damage equal to 50% of its hp.
Troll Regeneration- Troll Blood is much thicker in platelets than other races, which heal wound at a much faster rate. Troll Berserkers can not only slowly heal wounds on himself, but releases an aura which also heals his allies.
Burning Spear- FN-Skar uses some of his own life-force to empower his spears which burn through flesh and cut through armor. With practice, he can use this power more effectively.
Berserker's Blood- Skar cannot control himself at the smell of blood, and will attack faster and with more force as he is attacked.
Life Break- The Troll Berseker Masters learn a special move after finishing their traning, which turns the berserker's life into pure chaotic energy, which can consume up to half of an enemie's Hit Points. After this move, Skar should retreat to a safer location if he does not wish to have a premature death.
I think Skar is a pretty cool guy. eh kills humans and doesnt afraid of anything...
Ill write a description if I'm bored.
Or heeding Defskull advice here is the Dota Description

Shokja - The Troll Berserker

AGI 22/+ 2.7
INT 18/+ 1.9
STR 17/+ 1.95
MS 300
Attack rate 1.90

Trained by the elite hunters and witchdoctors of the darkspear tribe, Shokja has become the best in battle and also a skilled ward maker. Shokja with spears like wind can hit foes behind his target. Shokja can even go into a rage of haste and sometimes becomes a madden hunter in the process.
Level 17
Jan 21, 2010
Born in the famous troll tribe, the dark spear tribe, made skar learn all their ability, even his master, huskar the sacred warrior can't do a thing to stop his pupil's power from overloaded,when in deep wound, skar can deal large amount of damage to his prey, the death can't touch him 'cause of his life is protected by ancient life force, the same life force that protected huskar,while chasing his prey, skar can use some of his life force to life-burn his spear, these fire can't easily put off, in great war skar often use his life force to vanquish his enemies, by dealing large amount of damage equally to his life..
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