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Request: quite a few

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Sep 24, 2007
Hi am making a new map, I'm more of a map maker than a modeler lol.

This requires lots of custem units / buildings am struggeling to find buildings for a few races, so any custem units / buildings / heros would be a big help and you would get creadit on the map.

Here are a list of things a need, more info is given if needed.

Demon buildings - prefered to be the same colours as demon gate, things like that. town centers upgrade things stuff like that anything you can do would be so usfull.

Tuskarr buildings / units. I have a worker but i need practily everything else

Nerbian buildings / units - need everything realy

Faceless ones - need everything practily (would love a goldmine like the night elf one, but instead of roots it had the facless tenticals, would be frilled for that.

draenei - dont need a hero but need practicly everything else, could also use broken and / or lost ones

Murlocs - units and buildings, have a hero

Dragon / kin - units, heros and buildings

I know its alot to ask but am not realy asking any one to make all, one unit / hero / building would be highly apreshated and you will be given credit on the map.
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