[Request]Naruto Models

Level 4
Jul 7, 2008
OK I'm in a good mood today so here's a program so you can make
icons yourself Adobe Photoshop The Ultimate Texturing and Iconing Tool.
Here's some naruto icons i made using Photoshop Icons i made please
credit if used.
Note that there not that free hand there just copy n paste.
Any who please where was i, yes when requesting please state
reason why you wont to obtain them, don't just say gimme models
or else.
Or you probably wont even get answered or worse Negative rep

Sincerely ~ WAR10K
Level 3
Jul 8, 2008
Uhhh I have a bin of every single Naruto Modle. I can send it to you IF you want. but the thing is Huge and is filled with close to around 58 models. If it comes to a password on some of the models inside (Yes the models inside are still zipped) Then PM me.

Note, when you extract you'll have to rename all the folders inside and rename all the folders inside. (If there are any. Most of them do.)
Level 12
Apr 8, 2007
Well i found a site that is ALL in english similar to the hive but instead of a model section like the hive's they made a forum with threads containing the file and including a screenshot and some info...but im not sure if were allowed to do this...because i think there is a 10 rep requirment if you want naruto models.

Oh yeah,the site contains models too almost every naruto model out there even shippuden but i think the naruto models are taken from other sites.I dont want to give away the site because i feel like we will lose members or something...and contains other anime models if you need to know.
Level 1
Nov 24, 2008
lozl total warrior can u just tell us anyway? its not lyk we'll leave this site lolz this site's too good to leave but its jsut tht i can't seem to find any naruto models eitherso yeh.. cause i kinda wanna make a map myself so please? :D