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[REQUEST] Modifed LoadingScreen.mdx

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Level 8
Apr 26, 2011

I am working on a map call Legion TD Mega

I have read and understand how to create custom loading screen by import .BLP picture. but I am not happy with default .mdx, so can anyone help me modified/create a custom LoadingScreen.mdx for my map?

Here is what I want for my loading screen:
- inside world-editor, there are 3 option for loading sceen: default, campaign and custom
- I like "default' loading screen, because it display every player's loading process
- I like "campaign" because it allow me to enter text from world-editor(the text will display on loading screen)
- I don't like the mini-map on "default'.
- I hate to modified .blp for every version (eg, add text description, version number, that is why I like "compaign" loading screen)

so, can you :
- modified the "campaign" loading screen, to include "loading process for every player" ???
- make default .blp same as Orc compaign - > Final (same as my current loading screen Legion TD Mega 3.3)

credit will given for sure :)

- modified the "campaign" loading screen, to include "loading process for every player" ???
A lot of people asked for something like this so here's finally a tutorial that explains it. Basically its all about replacing the original melee loading screen textures from the MPQ with your own, the similar way we do it when skinning models. Also take note that this loading screen must contain your minimap image so you should pick a good picture that will fit correctly with it (usually people put most of this loading screen in one color - white for example to match their minimap image background).
The process itself is similar to the above high quality screen since this one is also a 1024x768 picture split intro 4 parts with the same sizes like above.
Once again pick your picture and open IrfanView. You need to crop the picture again using selections intro four parts: . For more info about this, please read the above high quality tutorial since its mainly the same thing. Also take note that the minimap and the loading bars for every player are taking a special position so you might want to edit your picture a bit. To see the original 4 pictures simply open Warcraft 3 Viewer, go to File -> Open MPQ, locate war3.mpq in your warcraft directory and check BLP in the Treeview window on the right. Now find the path UI\Glues\Loading\Multiplayer and check out the textures in it. Every race has its own right-side pictures, but they all share the 2 left - Loading-BotLeft.blp and Loading-TopLeft.blp. Once you've created and saved all 4 parts close IrfanView.
Now open WE, press F12 to open the Import Manager and import all 4 parts. Now change their paths this way:
UI\Glues\Loading\Multiplayer\Loading-BotLeft.blp - for your bottom left picture
UI\Glues\Loading\Multiplayer\Loading-TopLeft.blp - for your top left picture
UI\Glues\Loading\Multiplayer\Loading-Random-BotRight.blp - for your bottom right picture
UI\Glues\Loading\Multiplayer\Loading-Random-TopRight.blp - for your top right picture
Note: if your map only uses one race, then you should change "Random" in the above 2 filenames to that race's name (Human, Orc, NightElf or Undead - for example Loading-Orc-BotRight.blp). If your map is melee or has its races pickable, then continue reading on how to fix that.
To make your game use only one loading screen for all races, do this:
-Open Warcraft 3 Viewer.
-Open war3.mpq if you haven't already.
-On the right Treeview window choose MDX and find UI\Glues\Loading\Multiplayer and right click on Load-Multiplayer-Random.mdx and then on Extract MDX. Remember where you saved it and close the Viewer.
-Open WE and press F12 to open the Import Manager once again. Now import the newly exported MDX in it 4 times and start changing paths (since they are all the same, the order isn't important, but make sure they all have a different path):
This will replace the default loading file MDX for each race thus making it use the same textures as Random. Now just save your map and test it.

For minimap image just use 128x128 or 256x256 image size, save it as tga file and import it with this path war3MapPreview.tga
Level 8
Apr 26, 2011
My map is 600kb and I try avoid import .blp picture because they will make my map become 1.5-2mb :(

so I will try see if I can modified loadingscreen.mdx because it is only 5kb size.


Yesterday, I try export the base loading screen mdx from melee map (the one with player's loading process).

Then convert it to .mdl, change the path for all .blp image to better picture(picture from campaign loading screen), then convert back to .mdx

after import the modifed .mdx. it do show the new picture, but loading process for all player is gone :(

I think .. if you import loading screen .mdx, then loading process for all player will gone ? or it require more skill to modified .mdx
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