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[Request] I need a "Villager" Model including more animations

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Level 2
Apr 3, 2007
Good Evening,

i need a "Villager" Model as you can find included in Wc3, but with more animations.

For my map i want to attatch various weapons and shield's to it.
I want to have those aditional animations:
-standart attack (normal fisthit of the villager)
-horizontal hit (like the attack of a normal soldier but horizontal)
-vertical hit (like the attack of a normal soldier vertical)
-piercing attack (as if the unit push it's weapon frontaly into the enemy)
-surround attack (the horizontal hit combined with that the unit turning around 360°)
-Upraising hit (the unit hits the enemy diagonaly from feet to shoulder)

-standart Parry (Unit holds it's weapon hand as if it wants to hold it's weapon diagonaly before it's face)
-twohanded Parry (Unit holds it's both hands as if it wants to hold it's weapon with both hands verticaly before it's face)
-twohanded Parry 2 (Unit holds it's both hands as if it wants to hold it's weapon with both hands horizontaly before it's face, but the shield hand put the edge)
-shield parry (Unit holds it's shield hand as if it wants hide behind it)

-sleep (Unit lay down on ground to sleep)

all this animations should be callable with triggers.

I hope you can understand my thread. :smile:

If you think this is posible to do and you want to help me, please write a PM

Thx Udsalg R.
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Level 9
Jul 20, 2005
someone's gonna end up asking you this so I might as well save you some time :p

not many people will complete a task as thorough as this unless they have a reason for why you need it.
The maker is going to want some information on your map because they don't want to waste their time helping someone for a map that won't ever be finished when they can be helping someone who will.
thanks man
Level 2
Apr 3, 2007

@ike_ike: I need a villager, but if your rouge will have the animations (or most of them) i would like to get it (may be i can use it for some other units).

@all (thx ElectricSaiyan):
Okay, i want to use this Model for one of the Charakters of a RPG Map (working Title: "Der Erbe des Königs - Teil 1"). Now you might think, "okay one more stupid 'one-way-kill-all-monsters-and-build-up-four-abbilities-to-escape-this-boring-map' RPG-Map is going to be made..." , but this RPG works with an other concept.
Some of the unusual features:
-A story which could be changed by players behavior (in sensfull borders)
-The Map could be played in Single and Multiplayer(up to 5 Player),
there will be 4-5 different Charakters you can choose, which all(!) have a different start situation and story. They will influence the story with their behavior and may meet later on.
-A special Fightsystem: No Attack but up to 8 attack abbilities (autocastable, various influencing Effects) and up to 4 parry abbilities for every Player, Damage growing with Power of the Hero, Items, ... to much to explain it all here, ask for more.
-Many no-fighting Abb's as make fire, cook, smith ...
-Special passive body attributes need to be handled, as thirst, hunger, illness, bodytemperature, ... which have some influence to the Hero
-Nice Quests and Dialogs

I hope this could give a little view into my Project.
At least some words about the story:
The story is situated in 'Nordreich' a kingdom in the north of 'Erlehona(R)'. The king has lost his only son before years.
At the beginning the Player's just need to find their way of life in the wilderness and town's of northern Nordreich. But dark shadows of coming Things more and more influencing the life in Nordreich...

At the end of "Der Erbe des Königs - Teil 1" i will give out every Player a 'savecode' which includes the charakter of the player inclusive some parameters,this code must be insert in the next Map to get your former hero and set the start scene of the next Part of the story.

Thanx for decode my english
Good nigth for now.
Level 2
Apr 3, 2007
I know this is difficult/time intensiv but if someone would do it for, tell me.

In the other case, could some one tell me how i can convert an 'blender' Model inclusive skins and animations to mdx/mdl format?
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