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Reqeusting Super Easy SFX

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006

I'm creating an ability which requires 3 SFX. The first one is already created by Blizzard and I need two other. I need you to copy this SFX, like this:



At first phase there's just 1x Bloodlust effect over the head
At second phase there are 2x Bloodlust effect over the head
At third phase there are 3x Bloodlust effect over the head

Ability description: Fire Power

Every third attack a fire ball appears over Phodom by increasing his Magic Damage by 10%. Every cast uses one fire ball. Up to 3 fire balls can be activated at the same time.
|c00FEBA0EHotkey: S.
Type: Passive.

Rep and credits for the helper.


  • SFX blood lust.jpg
    SFX blood lust.jpg
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Level 14
Oct 6, 2008
Just a note: this is easily doable with 2 dummy units with different fly height that are periodically moved over Phodom, so the locations should be leak cleared.

Alternatively you can use 3 different dummy spells with the bloodmage's sphere counting respectively 1,2 and 3 orbs, replacing the orbs with bloodlust effect. Then just with trigger swap them.
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