Replacing Icons in a map without editing MPQ archive?

Level 2
May 14, 2020
Im trying to edit icons in a map which gives MPQ error opening archive. I know all the icons paths that are used, so instead of editing files in the map, i change files in my wc3 folder under the correct path.
However, there are a few icons that are were added directly into the map, so they override what i put in my wc3 folder. Despite that, when i right-click the item ingame on my Hero, icons load. Also the icon being loaded is TGA file, while BLP and BMP dont get loaded.
How do i get the main icon to also use the same file?
I accidentally discovered this as i had no idea that "hovering item icon" isnt the same as the main item icon. Is there something else important im missing too?
Level 16
Feb 25, 2013
You mentioned icons from the map overriding your local files, so I can assume you're on an old version. In the latest version, any Local files will override map files as well. Not editing the MPQ file, you are at mercy of the version to be able to override anything. That hovering icon being different than the main one is interesting, I am not aware of this being a separate file in any scenario, but rather being a smaller mipmap of the icon itself, so maybe that is the case there? As for loading icons, TGA,BLP, TIF, (and in 1.32+ DDS) should work, depending on the patch taking different priorities

Dr Super Good

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Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Local file changes only affect your client. Unless you are playing singleplayer you probably should modify the map itself. If the map is protected you likely need to contact the original map author for a copy of the map which is not protected.

This is why I oppose map protection in general as it ends up causing problems like these 10 years or so later.