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[Solved] Remove in-game HP bars above units.

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Level 14
Aug 8, 2010
Hi. Basically what the title says...
How can i remove the HP bars above the units in-game when your mouse is over them or when you press and hold the Alt key? Because i am making a system that displays this particular thing.. in a different way. If i can remove the bars only for heroes, it will be perfect!
Also, like the HP bars, a rectangle with the name and level of heroes appears when you hover your mouse over them. Can i remove that too?

Thanks in advance!!! :thumbs_up:
Level 7
Jan 30, 2011
if you set the selection circle size (in object editor) to a negative value (-1 instead of 1 for example) then the health bar disappears, but this method is a bit glitchy
1. the selection circle sometimes partly disappears
2. (not sure about this) the health bar might pop up on the players screen and remain on a fixed position on the screen (it wont stay above the unit, it will move with the screen)

EDIT: the codename of the selection circle size value is "ussc", its in the graphics section of a unit
Is there any way to make that work for certain units only, or is it basically all or nothing?

You can always try fiddling with the model's upper extents. That is how blizzard determines where to put the health bar and junk. If you make it high enough, it probably won't appear (but there may be other side effects to that). plus that requires model editing.
Level 5
Aug 9, 2012
IMO if you put the model high enough??? wont it be hard to click? sometimes units can be hard to target and can only be target by Click and Drag selection.
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