Level 8
Apr 28, 2006
Hello, I was wondering if any of you know a decent way of making a triggered reincarn,

The map uses 2 universal death triggers (1 for each team) and this trigger must not fire unless the hero is truely dead (does not rein)

Problem is the spell must:
1) show cooldown
2) NOT revive the hero with full hp +mana!
3) should be 3 levels
4) should revive him with 10x(level of ability REIN for dying unit)% of max hp & zero mana.

any thoughts on this guys as im stumped.
Level 10
Sep 6, 2007
Hmm I didn't get what you mean by show cooldowns I mean a timer or a heros skill? As for 2nd you can edit in triggers by set life % and mana %. As for 3rd you need a trigger for each level I think. And the last one needs integer and variable stuff it should be like 10*(variable)hpofhero1(red) set life action probably.