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Reforged Fighting (name temporary)

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Level 23
Apr 3, 2018
I wanted to try out making maps on reforged with Lua, and couldn't think of anything better but to make yet another iteration of Fighting for Azeroth.

What's already done
  • 3d-movement with side steps, walking forwards, back, dash, backdash, jumps, crouching
  • collision
  • a few basic moves
  • blocking will now be automatic in the neutral state, so you have to go for lows or counter the opponent's attack to land a hit properly
  • stun on hit/juggling, knockdown, etc
  • you can knock the opponent off the arena but only if the attack lifts them up (try using down, right, down, right, W)
  • you can also jump off the arena and die lol
  • all moves are now stored as Lua tables instead of long chains of if-then-elses to be easier to edit and read
  • arena selection
  • it's possible to have fights of more than 2 players, and team fights, but no interface for that yet

  • R switch targets
  • W punch
  • A uppercut
  • S low kick
  • D roundhouse kick
  • Down Right Down Right W - super duper punch
  • W + D throw (Left + W - break from throw)
  • Hold Down - crouch
  • Hold Up - jump up
  • Hold Right - walk forward
  • Hold Left - walk backward
  • Right + Up - jump forward
  • Left + Up - jump back
  • Tap Right - dash
  • Tap Left - backdash
  • Tap Up - sidestep left (away from the camera, the same direction as the button)
  • Tap Down - sidestep right (closer to the camera)
  • ai
  • more interface
  • in-game movelist
  • out of battle stuff like choosing characters and opponents
  • there's a lot of debugging on the screen
  • better name (I'm very uncreative please help)
  • team fights of more than 2 players at a time
  • terrain will be made fully of doodads to avoid the camera wobbling around with the terrain inappropriately
  • better models
  • character customisation


  • New Fighting.w3m
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Level 23
Apr 3, 2018
Added some functionality for changing game speed, including speed of specific entities. This should allow for some moves to inflict statuses like Bloodlust (once I get around to implementing buffs).

For now for testing purposes, if you do a [D] roundhouse kick, your character becomes twice as fast.
If you do an [A] uppercut, he is slowed down to half normal speed.
[S low kick resets the characters game speed.

Also started work on the interface.
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