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Redemption Project: Canceled

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Jan 1, 2006
We are sad to announce that the hosted project "Redemption", have been canceled.
The thread is located here.

Xlightscreen said:
Well Me and Sven came down to a decesion which I predicted we would some time in the future.

Basicly the bottom line is this game engine is old...very old compared to the newer more flexible ones out there we could use. Even though we thought of this before we even started the project we figured it would be a decent start then will move on. Well so far Warcraft 3 been fighting and cursing every model,trigger,system we try to put it in making are lifes one living hell.

We often spend more time trying to fix things before we could even advance on anything else for instance the animations. Have driven us mad with them looking fine on gmax and the model editor only to go crazy when finaly imported into warcraft 3 and the lack of anybody who acutly has knowledge of the "Technical" aspects on how animations run in warcraft 3 has really not helped us out much although me and lich got a real clear view on exactly what a raw animation is in mathitmatical/scripting terms :p.

So as of now this project is canceled to Warcraft 3 and is now moving on to Unreal Tournament 2004(and possibly 2007 in the future.). We are glad to say this project is cancled with pride knowing we haven't made anybody waist hours into are project(besides us lol) into are project only to go to waist "Cough" Project Revalution "Cough".

We will post pics in the 3dmodel section of are new models that will go into are UT version(mainly the same models you see only much more high poly.) I'll also still be around chatting away so not like I'm leaving the site to.
Not open for further replies.