Red vs. Blue: Chronicles of Blood Gulch

Level 7
Apr 25, 2004
Anybody in here a Halo fan? Well, these guys who definately have no life and a lot of time on their hands made a movie out of Halo... YES the game Halo. It is the funniest piece of work I have seen. The website is You can also order the DVD from ebay and if your lucky find it in a gamestop IT IS WORTH THE BUY! THE LAUGHS LAST FOREVER!
Level 2
Jun 12, 2004
Red vs.Blue is FEAKING AWESOME!!! just like halo.

If you ever watched the opening movie about master chief, the narrator gets pissed of at the guy typing whatever the narrator's saying (because he's not, he's typing whatever his little heart desires) and at the end he call's him cock bite. COCK BITE. any relation to the chicken and the teeth?

and btw, screw ebay, go to
and download it for free(you'll have to go one episode at a time, but it's better than losing $20 bucks.) they even made a PSA about it being free.