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Red Blood Cell

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Quickly made for a request.

Floats around on the stand animation, and explodes on the death animation. (creates a blood explosion and a blood splat event objects)

Give credits if you somehow find a use for this.

(24/May/08) EDIT: Fixed it so it doesn't crash on death animation. D:

blood red cell bacteria virus oxygen

Red Blood Cell (Model)

09:33, 12th Apr 2008 General Frank: Model works fine as doodad and performs okay ingame.

A wizard has turned you into a whale. Is this awesome?

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09:33, 12th Apr 2008
General Frank:

Model works fine as doodad and performs okay ingame.
there is a new infection map out? muhehehehe i thought nobody played it except me.---off topic there... sorry
i think scaling by 0.2, 0.2, 0.2. looks about. thats about it. model itself looks like a blood cell
altho you could make the death animation where the cell kind of turns brown then dies with the blood explosion and stuff. just suggesting
Level 6
May 13, 2007
Hmm... White blood cell would be a lot more complex model.. They are blobs that literally surround, devour, and assimilate (Kinda..) their targets. Attack animation would be the hardest part for it to be realistic, but you could just make it shoot out like the Sludges do in WC but more then just 1 arm/tentacle/thingy.
Level 3
Mar 21, 2011
its nice for some sort of mutated red blood cell or intro movie on some sort of infection thats killing the blood cells and whatever , i just say its awesome