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Recruitment A few projects.

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Oct 18, 2008
I need some help with a few projects.

Medieval - Age of Kings









This is a map based on medieval total war 2 & age of empires 2.

Open spots:
-1 Moddler/skinner
-1 terrainer (filled)

The goal of this map is to make a realistic medieval map.

It uses advanced income systems.

Trade: You can send trade caravans to allied markets, the number of gold gained depends on the distance between the 2 markets.

Taxes: You start with 1000 civilians, they will give gold every turn depending on how much taxes you are inning. The number of civilians rises with the number of houses you have build. The higher taxes, the less your population grows.

Farms: Farms give population which allows more soldiers to be drained, they can only be build on fertile land so you cant build them everywhere.

Gold mines: They give a lot of gold, but can only be placed on gold ore deposits.

Advanced combat system

Archers: Archers have a 25% chance to miss with their attacks to make it more realistic. Each kill it makes, he has less chance to miss due the experience he is gaining.

Spearmen: They have bonus damage against cavalry, so you have to use your units carefully.

Trebuchet: Having high damage and capability to take down buildings fast it isnt mobile. It has no movement speed so it has to pack itself into a cart. This disallows attacking.

Spies: They can sabotage enemy structures, are invisible but can be detected. Good for scouting and taking down the enemy from within

Walls: Walls and gates will be buildable to create massive castles.

Generals: Each player can train a general with auras which levels up, the higher is level the better his auras get. This increases damage/armor etc for units. But if the general dies, he stays death.

This map is all about realism, trying to create a perfect rts map into wc3 in the era of medival.

The Scourge of Lordaeron

Open spots: Some1 good with terrain & object data & triggers.

Art of Civilization - Kingdoms at War
Open spots: Triggerer

This an open source project of mine, basically designed to test my trigger skills and to show others how to do proper triggers.

Download: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/166939/

If any one wants to continue this "finished" project and edit it then go ahead, but ask me first.

Its basically like Civilization Wars but WC3 style, your units auto move to the other camp (AI) and kill it. You go through techtrees and stuff to upgrade your units.

Its a very variable game, every game is different tactic wise as you can decrease your spawns (in order to counter the enemy)

Screenshots of the map.:
Game Mode Selection:


Cam + Income System

Custom AI spell system (apparently 2 spells procced at once)

Please post in this thread if you want in :p
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