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Project Recruitment Forum

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Jun 30, 2016
Welcome to the Project Recruitment forum!

Here users may search for crew members for their map or mod projects in development.

  • The global site rules apply here, as they do in all forums.
  • Project recruitment threads need to include
    • The name of your map.
    • The name(s) of the creator(s).
    • The positions you're looking to hire people for.
    • A summary of the map gameplay/objectives.
    • A list of map features.
  • Criticism is encouraged, but keep it elaborate and constructive. Negative comments with no elaboration may be treated like flames and dealt with accordingly.
These rules are in effect to keep project recruitment organized with information popularly wanted by modders. Following them helps you, like it helps the people you want to recruit.

Helpful Guidelines

These items aren't mandatory, but will greatly increase the chance of a successful recruitment.
  • Categorisation is great.
  • Structure is good. Use the site's BB Codes to format your post so it's easy to understand and that all information can be easily accessed. Take notes from other threads in this forum to help you with this.
  • Screenshots of your map in action is a great way to attract people to your project. People are much more liable to sign up for a project that isn't just words on a screen.
  • Attach new versions to the first post. Navigating through the pages to find all information you need throws people off.

Good luck with your projects!
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