Recruiting Crews for Book of Paladinario

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Apr 14, 2011
Book of Paladinaro
Alpha Dragon

What is Book of Paladinaro: Alpha Dragon?

Well... Book of Paladinario: Alpha Dragon is a RPG game, where you take a journey to defeat the Alpha Dragon. If someone can slay without the cheats, then I can make the Beta Wolf as another boss, since someone slayed the Alpha Dragon, then I would replace it and make a cinematic for the one who slayed it. May the first slayer win!

What are the characters for the game?

Soul Weaver and Chaos Weaver
They are twins, and have the same abilities to manipulate, create, shatter, summon and transform, but have different skills. This is a must select character for slaying huge and powerful monsters. The Soul Weaver has Fire and Earth elements; while the Chaos Weaver has Wind and Water elements.

Rune Savior
He is the guardian of the Lost City of Runeska. He has both melee and magic type abilities. He can also call forth spirits to fight for him, and can transform himself into Rune Gladiator Mode.

Celestian and Astronomer
They are twins who share the same knowledge about the universe. They both had, uh, star related techniques. For instance, Celestians use the Moon Shower Ability while Astronomers use the Starfall Ability; which means both are star related.

Very sneaky, but powerful class. So this is a must choose character for sneaking on powerful monsters. He can also use the Duplication Technique.

This character's got art! She can summon treants underground, and can craft/create object. Also she is a must choose character if you need back up. So beware corruptors!

Secret Classes
Will you ever find out the secret classes? If you "DESPERATELY" want to see the secret classes, then you have no choice but to be with the Free Hazard Entertainment. The least I can give to you is this:

1. A_n_ie_t _a_mu_r__ <= This is the one who uses katanas.
2. St_r G__di__o_ <= I have no idea, but he is famous.
3. S_mm___r <= Most powerful yet useful class.

Expansion Classes
Sorry folks! Only available when the Alpha Dragon is slain by a player. It's also available when you are in the Social Group FHE (Free Hazard Entertainment).
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