Recruiting animators for a dota2 mod.

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Jul 5, 2011
Infinite Crisis Reborn Project is Recruiting.


I am hangun..I am an product design graduate, 3D artist an game designer enthusiast and a former professional gamer on the moba game Infinite Crisis.

After the game was closed around 8 months ago due to different reasons me and some friends of mine also former IC players decided to gather up put a team together and remake this moba as a mod in dota2 reborn.We are looking to exploit the potential of a moba game with DC characters has and was never fully exploited by the company that initially started Infinite Crisis.

**What was Infinite Crisis?:**
Infinite Crisis was a 2015 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game based on the fictional universe of DC Comics, developed by Turbine and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, loosely based on the comic book series of the same name. The game features two squads of DC heroes and villains as they compete in combats across multiple destructive battlefields featuring in-game changing catastrophic events. It was a free-to-play game that was supported by micro-transactions.

When a sudden assault threatens the DC Multiverse where it would have it stand on the brink of destruction, the only hope to combat it is within the different heroes and villains.

The following universes are featured in this game:

Prime Earth (Earth-0): This world is the keystone that the Multiverse resides on.

Arcane Earth (Earth-13): A world where the Shadow League (a group of twisted sorcerers) lusted for control over Earth where one of their plans ended up extinguishing their sun. Even though the sun was reignited, the Earth was forever altered by the magic that is loose on Earth.

Atomic Earth (Earth-17): A world where atomic attacks during the Cold War have vaporized 97% of all life on Earth. Although the survivors hoped that the Earth would heal, their scars from the nuclear aftermath of the Cold War wouldn't.

Gaslight Earth (Earth-19): A Victorian era-themed world where society was revolutionized through steam technology.

Mecha Earth (Earth-44): A technology-enhanced world where there were no heroes until a group of scientists called the Justice Consortium created them.

Nightmare Earth (Earth-43): A world in which heroes and villains were twisted into monsters.

Infinite Crisis Trailer

As you can see in the link below a good amount of people signed for bringing the game back..the number might not be good enough for a stand alone game but its very good for a mod even though if only half of them would play it.

Petition to get the game back:

We are looking to create the mod and bring characters from the popular tv shows and movies right now besides the the usual characters, like from example Reverse flash from the tv show The flash..having the tv show model and the actor that plays him as a voice while you play him with his music in the background....and that was just an example the things we can do is only restricted by our imagination.
Also we are still gonna keep the multiverse theme on the game since it give us tons of room to be creative and take different approaches with the characters.

For the moment we are gonna approach a more practical way with our heroes since our modders/programmers are new to the tool but once they are gonna be more experienced we are gonna start to create more and more uniqe stuff.

Currently the team consists of around 8 people...not much progress has been made with this project since we just formed the team and had some discussions for the first things that we wanna do in the game.

For our first most viable product we are aiming to get bunch of heroes in it and test them under the Dota2 terrain and mechanics and make the proper adjustments were is gonna be the case..we are aiming to see how the custom models, heroes and the spells are behaving.

We are looking for:

3D Animators

So if anyone wants to help and can contribute to this project is more the welcomed to join us.

May the force be with us!!
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