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Real AI on Warcraft 3?

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You cant make an AI that thinks for itself, but you can code something really close :)
You'd have to nest hundreds and hundreds of if/then/elseif/else/endif-s to make a flawless AI.
An AI that 'thinks for itself' takes different stances depending on it's current situation/
This kind of AI would need to continuously store data every second in order to decide what to do next.
Most AIs just do a completely different thing every second :p

AIs require you to order your if/then/endif statements by priority.
The AI in DotA unfortunately lacks this and I have an exploit for that:
- If you're about to die, make sure there's a low HP enemy creep nearby because then
you can trick the AI into denying the creep instead of killing the hero.
This is the cause of the problem:
 // ...
if (there's a creep nearby with low hp) then
    // attack him
elseif (there's an enemy hero nearby with low hp) then
    // attack him
elseif // ....

That way, anytime there's a nearby low hp creep on the enemy's side, it would deny it even if the AI hero is about to kill you :D

This is why "priority" is very important when writing AI scripts ;)
Level 16
Apr 4, 2011
While self thinking AI haven't been invented, look at the classic example of computer intelligence, the Turing Machine. Hypothetically, it could expand so much and add on so many parts that it could do anything, think logically, and even write better expansions for itself. If you don't know what the Turing Machine is and you're talking about AI, you need to stop.
Level 7
Jun 16, 2008
Self-aware artificial intelligence, or artificial intelligence capable of scenario and cognitive analysis even just sub-par to a human's ability, has not been invented yet, as Wherewolf pointed out. And, just by the way Magtheridon, thus far, there is no such thing as a 'flawless' AI. ;3

If you observed this on online multiplayer, then are you sure it wasn't just a human player under the false pretense of being an AI? I've come across several players on Battle.Net with usernames such as "Computer (Easy)," "Open," "Closed," et cetera. I've never come across an AI that is both a channel bot and a computer player, and so what you say strikes me as completely awkward.
Level 22
Dec 31, 2006
Creating something that simulates the human mind isn't hard to make. The problem lies with teaching it to think like us. It takes years for a human baby to learn how to talk (actually talk, and not only say gibberish). It would take years with a bot as well, if you've programmed it to simulate the human mind, and this isn't exactly favourable.

We have already made robots which learn various things on their own, including learning to walk and detect shapes and faces in a video feed (face recognition and the like).
Level 19
Oct 15, 2008
If there are sufficient resources and approval from Blizzard, I don't see why not.
Also, if you're referring to game AIs as well, it could be made in Single Players I think (Because of the limitless map file size).
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