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Standing more than seven feet tall and weighing around 600 pounds, the Razides act as heavy support units in Algeroth's Legions.
-Doomtrooper CCG description

I'm guessing these guys are some mass-produced cyborgs
Includes bomb missile for spell throw

23.08.2021 update: Animation - Lock Body-Part Facing should work correctly now, however don't lock the chest because his gun is not actually bound to his arm and it will remain floating where it was before (just like default wc3 rifleman's and marine's gun will)

Bomb (Model)

Razide (Model)

General Frank
A very nice custom model with great use of in-game textures. Works in-game and performs well.
Level 13
Feb 2, 2009
An interesting looking model, I love the DOOM'esque style at work here! The walk animation seems to kind of lock it into a lumbering type of unit and looks a little weird when it moves fast, then again it reminds me a bit of how the demons used to walk around in the older DOOM games.

Speaking of DOOM, that death animation is absolutely on point and made me smile.

Super cool model!