Random Hero Wars

Level 5
Aug 8, 2007
This is my old project from months back being redone and revamped by me.

Random Hero Wars

-Random hero spawning
-7 kills / round
-Best of 5 rounds
-Death = loss of items

-Many items
-38 heroes
-Teleport points
-2 Shop areas

Changes since v1.00a:
-Added heroes
-Fixed Rod of Poison
-Added Rexxar's Axe of the Wild
-Added Sneak Assassin
-Changed spawning system

Changes since v1.01b:
-Remove Rod of Poison
-Fixed Sneak Assassin's Windwalk
-Added Unknown Identity Hero

Changes since v1.02:
-Revamped spawning system once more
-Added team kills to Leaderboard
-Redid Unknown Identity

Changes since v1.03b:
-Fixed winning condition
-Added potion shops to East and West base

Changes since v1.04b: (This is as far as I am now, v1.05b)
-Fixed leaderboard
-Strengthened creeps
-Fixed leaks (I was a noob at triggering then)
-Fixed winning condition again (caused War3 to crash)
-Changed map style
-Added player leaving text
-Improved special effects
-Balanced heroes more
-Added more mana to Sneak Assassin
-Revamped spawning system once again
-Fixed lag at mid


[Will add as soon as uploading is complete]

Help needed:

-Mini-she (War3.co.za)
-remix (War3.co.za)
-PiCk (War3.co.za)

Current Version of Random Hero Wars Available for Download:

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