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Ram Skull Projectile

The Warlock's staff head as a projectile.

Based on chaos warlock model and the necromancer projectile.

Made for DotA's hero "Demon Witch", and has been implemented in the newest version.

Uses no custom skins.
Have fun with it, but give credits if you use it and ask for permission if you want to edit it ;-)


missile, projectile, skull, head, staff, ram, warlock, demon witch, dota

Ram Skull Projectile (Model)

18:48, 23rd Jan 2009 Pyritie: Basic, but approvable.




18:48, 23rd Jan 2009
Pyritie: Basic, but approvable.
Level 8
Feb 21, 2005
Yes, thanks for convincing icefrog to change the particle into something stupid.
In betaforums, most people approved the model.
If you do not like it, either suggest what should be changed or create a model yourself.
The model used before was just totally unfitting, and I doubt anyone disagrees here.
In case you want to use further arguments/suggestions, I suggest you to use PMs.

I know the model is not something great, I just wanted to upload it for those who might find a use for it.
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Level 2
Jun 15, 2008
It was a needed change to Lion's (Demon Witch) projectile. The model is solid, and it works wonderfully. gj Infrisios!