Rainstrider Shaman

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Rainstrider Shamans are less aggressive, but more powerful than the Centaur Sorcerer, they have the same abilities and inspires the way of the Rainstrider sisterhood.

One of the three Rainstrider Centaurs that are remained friendly to the Sisterhood.

Rainstrider Shaman (Model)

Rainstrider Shaman Icon (Icon)

Rainstrider Shaman Portrait (Model)

Level 12
Oct 25, 2006
I am curious as to why you would need so many centaur variations? :)

Obviously that's for a custom centaur faction of yours, but could we know a bit more about their involvement within your project? Why would they need so much variations? Are they a neutral faction you encounter, neutral hostile or a complete faction?

Keep up the good work :)