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Raiding the Sunken Halls

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Level 2
Sep 3, 2009
Hello guys, I'm happy that I can finally introduce my map

Raiding the sunken Halls
(recommended for 5 players!)

a classical Hero defense map.



5 Heroes (each 5 abilities)

Weaponmaster (tank)
Berzerk (meele DD)
Slayer (range DD)
Warlock (range DD)
Druid (healer)

25 stages
5 bossfights

+some miniboses

42 Items (counted only weapons and armor!)
-from shop
-as drops from monster and bosses


I played this map very often myself.
It will get hard and is not constructed to be finished on the first try.


The boss is burning and dealing some AOE damage.
Big challenge fo your healer.

You have to tank 2 Bosses. If they get to close together,
their auras will stack and you are in big trouble.
If one of the sisters die, they will fuse into a 2nd boss.

From time to time this boss summons a pig that run towards him.
If you dont kill it fast enough he will eat it what restores some of his Hp.

The boss summons portals. Those portals summon monsters in a fast sequenz.

The boss deals more damage each time his life gets below 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%.

Your DDs should safe their strongest abilities for the last phase,
to end the fight quickly.

#5 (endboss)
From time to time the boss gets invulnerably and calls 4 healers,
who will heal him up.
If they are dead you can attack the boss again.






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